$200 Port in Credit


For a limited time, both new and existing customers can get a $200 port in credit (PIC) when they activate a new line of service on a qualified premium rate plan and port in a number from an eligible carrier

• Prepaid accounts
o Prepaid companies owned by AT&T, Verizon
o Cricket Wireless
• Prepaid accounts
• Lifeline accounts
• Contractor / Dealer accounts
• T-Mobile for Business Direct (any channels outside of retail)
• T-Mobile for Business: Business w/Tax ID customers
• T-Mobile for Business (Micro TEX, SMB TEX, SMB DE, Business Telesales, Direct, Partner Solutions)
• T-Mobile for Business or any accounts 13+ line accounts
• No Credit Check,
• Promotional Family Match Voice plans, and all other rate plans not included above.

This T-Mobile store is a Sprint Repair Center that serves both T-Mobile and Sprint customers. Many repairs can be resolved the same day; some devices may require an exchange or mail-in repair.

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