Pick Out Perfect Presents Using The Five Gift Rule

People often use the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts,” which usually means someone got a gift they don’t want or need. Racking your brain to come up with the perfect gifts can be tedious and frustrating, so Legends Outlets has a sure-fire way to give your friends and family gifts they will use, enjoy, and have fun with. It’s called The Five Gift Rule, which brings joy, delight and practicality to every wish list. Instead of giving a singular big gift, choose one, less expensive present, from each gift category and become a superstar in the gifting game!


#1 – Something They WANT

These are the things that make people instantly happy! The fun and frivolous gifts they will enjoy but might not think of getting for themselves. The gifts that cause big smiles and squeals, no matter the age, they bring out the kid inside.

    1. Baby Doll and Car Seat, J.Maxx
    2. Adult Coloring Book and Colored Pencils, Books-A-Million
    3. Unicorn Plusheen Plush, Attic Salt
    4. Roaring Dinosaur Action Figures, J.Maxx
    5. Glamnetic Press on Nails, Sephora
    6. Switch Video Games & Console, GameStop



#2 – Something They NEED

These are practical gifts that might not seem exciting at first, but they are things that will be used often and are appreciated for years to come. Gifts your friends and family will thank you for and think of you every time they use them.

    1. Holiday Soap Dispenser and Soap, Bath & Body Works
    2. Moisturizer, Sephora
    3. Umbrella, Vera Bradley
    4. Planner, Books-A-Million
    5. Colored Pens, Books-A-Million
    6. Pureology Haircare Set, Beauty Brands


#3 – Something to WEAR

Whether representing your favorite sports team, cuddling up on the couch in cozy PJ’s and robe, wearing fun on your feet or keeping warm in the Winter weather, this category has a wide variety of options to choose from and something for everyone on your list.

    1. Chiefs Long Sleeved T-Shirt, Rally House
    2. Cozy Bathrobe, Victoria’s Secret
    3. “Proud Plant Mom” Socks, Attic Salt
    4. Knit Beanie, Puma
    5. Fluffy Slippers, Victoria’s Secret
    6. Onzie PJ’s, Pink


#4 – Something to READ

Learning, laughing, escaping, entertaining…these are just some of the reasons books are on the list. Cookbooks, magazine subscriptions, biographies about your favorite, (or not-so-favorite), celebrities and historical figures. Getting swept away to a magical land or love story, learning a new skill or hobby and experiencing the magic of reading to your kids, books provoke a wide variety of emotions and provide endless entertainment.

    1. Iron Flame, Books-A-Million
    2. Astrology SOS, Attic Salt
    3. Brittany Spears, The Woman in Me, Books-A-Million
    4. Big Macs & Burgundy, Attic Salt
    5. Dolly, Little Golden Book, Books-A-Million
    6. All About Music, Books-A-Million


#5 – Something to DO

Not all presents have to be things. Experiences are great gifts to give to enjoy with family and friends. Memories last a lifetime. The thrills or emotion of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, game night at home with family or friends, or playing games at Dave and Busters and even enjoying your favorite treat all by yourself, giving something fun to do is the perfect complement to the other gifts that will be enjoyed in a whole different way.

    1. Gift Card to AMC
    2. Mani/Pedi, Nail Envy
    3. Gift Certificate to Dave & Buster’s
    4. Gift Card to Yogurtini



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