Rush Ready: Sorority Recruitment Outfits

It’s nearly that time of the year – let’s talk sorority recruitment fashion! Whether you have been preparing all summer or just decided you want to go through the process, finding the perfect recruitment wardrobe isn’t easy. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best outfits to wear for each round that will have you feeling comfortable, confident, and ready to rock recruitment!



You’ve finally arrived at your new home for the next 4 years, and it’s time to meet the sororities! The open house round is the most casual round, and it’s all about being comfy and confident! If your school provides a t-shirt to wear for this round, pair it with a skirt or pair of shorts in a fun color or pattern, like this checkered pair from Aeropostale. A flowy sundress is another great option for this round if your school does not provide a Panhellenic t-shirt. We recommend choosing something breathable and light, like this floral minidress from Forever 21, so you can keep cool in the hot summer sun. Casual sandals or clean, white sneakers are a great option since you’ll be doing tons of walking and discovering your new campus all day long. Spice up your outfits with fun accessories that show off your personality – we love these bright earrings from Francesca’s that add a pop of color and unique personality to your outfit!

  1. Daisy Earrings, Francesca’s
  2. Checkered Shorts, Aeropostale
  3. Sandals, Tory Burch
  4. Bead Earrings, Francesca’s
  5. Mini Dress, Forever 21
  6. White Sneakers, Tory Burch



Round two is the philanthropy round, where you’ll learn about the charity each sorority supports. Schools typically provide t-shirts to wear for this round, so make sure to accessorize to stand out! Headbands are soooo in, and you can never go wrong with a fun pair of earrings! When it comes to bottoms, we recommend skirts, like this purple wrap skirt from Forever 21, or a pair of shorts like these from Francesca’s. When it comes to shoes, you can keep it casual with a pair of sandals or opt to dress up your look with a pair of chunky heels.

  1. Pressed Flower Earrings, Francesca’s
  2. Brown Shorts, Francesca’s
  3. Chunky Heels, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse
  4. Beaded Headband, Francesca’s
  5. Wrap Skirt, Forever 21
  6. Sandals, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse



Now that you’ve started narrowing down your chapters, it’s time to dress to impress – think what you would wear to family brunch or a friend’s birthday dinner. Dresses and heels or wedges is the perfect sisterhood round uniform. Look for a dress in a fun pattern or shape, like this one with puff sleeves, that will make you stand out in the crowd. Sandals and sneakers are too informal for this round, so we recommend wedges or chunky heels so you can still be comfortable after walking for miles.

  1. Butterfly Earrings, Francesca’s
  2. Puff-Sleeve Dress, Forever 21
  3. Chunky Heels, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse
  4. Arch Earrings, Francesca’s
  5. Floral Midi Dress, Aeropostale
  6. Clear Wedges, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse



After a long week you are finally nearing the end of recruitment and it’s time for the preference round! It can be hard to not change the way you like to dress or act in order to impress the chapters, but they are looking for your most authentic self, inside and out, so you should wear something that feels like you! Since this is the most formal of the rounds, save your best look for last. We recommend wearing a dress, either short or midi like something you would wear to a wedding.  Add sleek heels and simple jewelry for the finishing touches to your outfit.

  1. Teardrop Hoops, Francesca’s
  2. Maxi Dress, Express Factory Outlet
  3. Braided Heels, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse
  4. Pearl Hoops, Francesca’s
  5. Lace Dress, Francesca’s
  6. Nude Heels, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse


Whatever you wear, make sure that it expresses your personal style and makes you feel confident. With over 75 leading designer and brand-name outlet stores in one convenient location, Legends Outlets makes finding the perfect recruitment wardrobe easy!



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