A Guide to Valentine’s Day, Whatever Your Relationship Status

Valentine’s Day is known for its chocolates, roses, and romance, but it can also be the perfect time to show yourself some love. Whether you chose to get together with your girlfriends or have some me time, we have created a list of the perfect ways for you to spend the holiday.  Don’t worry if you are finding yourself single this Valentine’s, because you don’t need a date to celebrate love. ❤️

Solo Shopping Adventure:

Embarking on a solo shopping date is a liberating adventure and an act of self-love. Whether you are picking out an outfit for a girls’ night or simply need some retail therapy, we have given you some items to keep an eye out for on your shopping adventure. Head out the door and get ready to shop, because there is no better person to spoil than yourself.


Self-Care Night:

There is something about putting on a face mask and giving yourself a manicure while watching a movie that screams, “I am thriving”. It is important to take care of yourself and prioritize nights like these. Valentine’s can feel like a pointless night when you do not have any plans, which is why scheduling some time for yourself is the perfect way to spend the evening. We have some recommendations for everything you need to have the ideal night of self-care.


Galentine’s Party:

Valentine’s Day goes beyond romantic love—it’s also a chance to celebrate the awesome friendships in your life. Round up your besties, and let’s throw a party to honor those bonds. Check out our list of essentials for hosting the ultimate Galentine’s bash. Slip into matching PJs and soak up the good times with your girls.



Valentine’s Day outings are more than just date nights—mix it up and get out of the house for some fun! Get tickets for that movie you’ve been wanting to see or recruit a friend for game night and appetizers at Dave & Buster’s. If you’re in the mood for a laid-back vibe, treat yourself to a trendy nail design at one of the nail salons. Top it all off with a delicious dinner and dessert cocktails at Yard House. Why settle for one type of fun when you can do it all?




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