Back-to-School Style Guide: Elementary School

1: Striped Polo, H&M. 2: White Sandals, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. 3: Sweater Vest, Forever 21. 4: Striped Backpack, J. Crew Factory. 5: Checkered Joggers, Forever 21. 6: Floral Cardigan, Forever 21. 7: White Sneakers, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse.


Summer is nearly over, and you know what that means – time to send the kids back to school in style! With everyday savings at Kansas City’s only-area outlets stores, Legends Outlets has everything your kids need to hit the halls with confidence this year.


From shirts and shoes to jackets and accessories, we scoured the center to find back-to-school essentials for students. Our top picks for elementary schoolers follow below!



  1. White Collared Shirt, Forever 21
  2. Plaid Sweater Vest, Forever 21
  3. Water Bottle, T.J. Maxx
  4. Pleated Skirt, J. Crew Factory
  5. White Sneakers, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse



  1. Striped Polo, H&M
  2. Navy Shorts, H&M
  3. Backpack, Converse
  4. White Sneakers, Off Broadway Shoe Outlet



  1. 2-Piece Overall Dress Set, H&M
  2. Striped Backpack, J. Crew Factory
  3. White Sneakers, Converse Factory Store



  1. Navy Tee, J. Crew Factory
  2. Jacket, H&M
  3. Sweat Shorts, H&M
  4. Slip On Shoes, J. Crew Factory



  1. Striped Polo, Forever 21
  2. Floral Cardigan, Forever 21
  3. Jeans, J. Crew Factory
  4. Lunch Box, T.J. Maxx
  5. Sandals, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse



  1. Oversized Tee, H&M
  2. Water Bottle, T.J. Maxx
  3. Checkered Joggers, Forever 21
  4. High Top Sneakers, Converse Factory Store


A legendary school year starts with a trip to Legends Outlets, where you don’t have to sacrifice style for savings.



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