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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Local Influencers


Mother’s Day is almost here….. and we turned to three local influencers for some help to find the perfect gifts for mom this year! Keep reading to see what they found!


Pam’s Picks

We asked local influencer Pam of Side Of Glam to scour the center in search of three different Mother’s Day gift ideas at various price points! Learn what she found for her mom and why they’d make great gifts for your mom, too!


1: Cookbook, BAM Books-A-Million

Pam said she picked this gift for her mom because…


Molly’s Picks 

As a mom to one adorable son, we asked Molly of Crowning Glory Blog to find a few different Mother’s Day gifts that she would like to receive this year! We thought her advice could help alllllll of the husbands or sons out there find just the right gift for their wife or momma, because we do know they often need some help! Keep reading to see what she found.


1: Cookbook, BAM Books-A-Million

Molly said she’d love to receive a new cookbook because….. 


Sheina’s Picks 

As a soon-to-be mom to her second child, we thought Sheina of Sheina Fernandes would have some great gift ideas for new or expecting moms! Keep reading to see what she found!


1: Cookbook, BAM Books-A-Million

Sheina said as an expecting mom, she was always craving X foods. So, she thought this would be a great gift to give because…





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