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How to Create a Home Workspace like a Pro


Released 9/15/20


School is back in session, but where students are getting their education this year could still change.


Many schools have delayed in-person learning until late fall. Some schools are offering remote learning for the entire year – or a hybrid option. Other schools plan to welcome students back to the classroom if they fall within the state department’s gating level criteria.


While there are still many unknowns surrounding the school year, here’s what we do know – students need a dedicated learning space to buckle down and focus on their studies. And, parents should be able to create that space without breaking the bank.


Just ask local interior designer Nicole Henson of @KCinteriorco.


Nicole was able to create a comfortable and productive workspace for her 11-year-old daughter using items found right here at Legends Outlets’ stores and retailers. You won’t even believe the transformation from spare bedroom to stylish classroom!



After the big reveal, we sat down with Nicole to get more details about the workspace. Continue reading below to learn how you can create a similar space in your own home, and to get her top designer tips!


PSSSST: to find out where Nicole scored everything for the space, scroll all the way down for a list of stores and items.


Q&A with Nicole Henson


Q: Do you have to be a professional designer to create a home workspace?

Absolutely not! With the right tools and tips, anyone can create a home workspace.



Q: What is the most important element to consider when deciding where to set up a home workspace?

Eliminating distractions is very important, so when setting up a home workspace, I would recommend finding a quiet, secluded spot in your home. Another important aspect of a good workspace is comfort. You want to create an environment where your child can focus, and that means comfort is key.



Q: Where should you set up a home workspace? What areas would you avoid?

The options are endless – a corner of your living room, kitchen, hallway, or rec room would work, as long as it’s quiet! If available, a spare bedroom (like we used for our workspace) is a great option. I would avoid using your child’s bedroom, or any areas with loud noises that include TV, music and talking. Finding a quiet, comfortable space is best suited for a child!



Q: Where / how do you even start the process of creating a home workspace?

A great way to start is by getting your child involved. Consider their study style, and let them take part in creating this space! I truly believe the key components of the space are those that a child (or teen) can call their own, those they helped create!



Q; What are the essential components of the home workspace?

A comfortable chair or seating area, great lighting, and materials to keep all of their school supplies organized (I cannot stress this enough).



Q: What are the fun elements you can add to the home workspace?

Don’t be afraid to play with colors and prints! You can bring new life to a white wall with fun wallpaper. If you want something less permanent, I recommend decorating the space with colorful posters and positive prints. Studies show that looking at positive images can create a positive mindset – color also stimulates the mind!



Q: What are your tips for moms looking to recreate this on a budget? Is that even possible?

It is definitely possible, especially when you shop at stores like HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx, which I visited during my trip to Legends Outlets. I love the one-stop shopping aspect and outlet pricing that Legends Outlets offers busy moms like myself. You really don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fun, functional space – I did it on a budget, and you can too!



Q: As a designer, where do you draw inspiration?

I really draw inspiration from the person I am designing for – and for this project, that person was my daughter! Her favorite color pattern is rainbow, so I made sure to incorporate that throughout the room. She was pretty bummed about virtual learning, so I wanted to create a space that was fun, colorful and kept her happy each time she walked in!



Q: Final words of advice for moms looking to create a workspace in their home?

Moms – choose the right space, ask your kiddos for input, make it fun, and add a ton of elements and items to keep it all organized. Enjoy!



Where to Shop:


  • Star lamp
  • Décor box
  • Throw pillows
  • Rug
  • Notebooks
  • Black wall organizer
  • Framed artwork above desk
  • Lamps on desk
  • Triangle organizer
  • Rectangular pencil holder
  • Teal pencil holder
  • Gold metal “love” sign

T.J. Maxx

  • Blankets (in basket)
  • Small plant
  • Reading Rainbow Lounge sign
  • Block wood calendar


BAM Books-A-Million

  • Notebook
  • Notepad
  • Coloring book
  • Colored pencils
  • Panda clipboard



  • Desk chairs
  • Black curtain rod
  • Paint markers



  • Rainbow card, 2 magnets and Best Day Ever plate



  • 2 notepads, 1 Air pod case, 1 Llama pen


GO! Calendar Games & Toys

  • Fidget toy (they also have a wide assortment of planners)




Back-to-School Style Guide: 1st Grade


Released 8/12/20


Welcome back to school, KC! Can you believe we made it? It’s been awhile, and we all might be a little out of practice, but it is, indeed, time to head back to class, and we at the Legends Outlets will have you looking stylish with these top trends for Back-to-School.


Modern Prep

Tie-dye is definitely trending this season, and this adorable little button-front shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store is the perfect piece! Paired with a stylish navy bomber jacket and white cutoff denim shorts, this outfit is the perfect modern take on a classic preppy look. His Nike sneakers will take him from the classroom, to recess and PE in style.

  • All clothing: Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store
  • Nike sneakers: Off Broadway Shoes



Picture Perfect 

Well, hello, classic back-to-school vibes! This is the perfect little outfit for picture day—its business up top and party on the bottom! The cuffed pants and modern sneaker really make this look more youthful and fun.  Graham’s classic sweater vest and plaid button-up are smart wardrobe additions as they can be worn into the holidays and beyond!

  • Clothing: Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store
  • Sneakers & lunch box: Off Broadway Shoes


Pro Tip: Shop early! Don’t procrastinate—if you want to be able to find what you want without fighting the crowds, be sure to head out to the Legends Outlets soon! Wear your mask and be sure to practice social distancing, but there’s no reason you and your child can’t make back to school shopping a super fun outing. Making a day of back-to-school shopping can really help get your student excited to head back to the classroom with confidence.






Released 8/12/20


Welcome back to school, KC! Can you believe we made it? It’s been awhile, and we all might be a little out of practice, but it is, indeed, time to head back to class, and we at the Legends Outlets will have you looking stylish with these top trends for Back-to-School.


Girly Gingham

The 90s are back in a big way, and the classic gingham in this romper is a quintessential 90s print with such adorable ruffle detail. We modernized it by adding a chic platform sandal from Off Broadway. Add a bootie and try layering on a cardigan or cute cropped jacket and textured tights with this piece for an easy transition to fall when the temps begin to drop.

  • Romper: Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store
  • Long-sleeved tee: J.Crew Factory
  • Notebook: BAM Books-a-Million
  • Sandals: Off Broadway Shoes



Sparkle & Shine

Add a little bit of sparkle to your day with an adorable sequined graphic tee like this one from J Crew Factory. We love this tee paired with visually interesting denim like these jeans from Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store and playful accessories like this scrunchie/hair scarf. Carla’s rain jacket is also a super affordable and fun wardrobe staple—we love that it’s translucent, which is trending for the season as well.

  • T-shirt: J.Crew Factory
  • Rain jacket and Jeans: Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store
  • Backpack: BAM-Books-A-Million


Pro Tip: Always size up when you’re purchasing a jacket for your growing child—this one will transition well into spring if you size up!




Back-to-School Style Guide: Middle School


Released 8/12/20


Welcome back to school, KC! Can you believe we made it? It’s been awhile, and we all might be a little out of practice, but it is, indeed, time to head back to class, and we at the Legends Outlets will have you looking stylish with these top trends for Back-to-School.


Preppy Plaid

We love this preppy and feminine look from H&M. Windowpane plaid pants are #trending for fall and winter (trust us, you’ll see them on boys, girls and adults of all ages!), and this pair does not disappoint. Bonus: the side stripe gives them an elevated detail that also gives us major Gucci vibes! They are perfectly paired with this sweet blush sweater and collared shirt, but don’t stop there—they would also give an interesting twist to a vintage-inspired tee and faux leather jacket!

  • Clothing and shoes: H&M
  • Backpack: Kate Spade


All-Day Denim

This denim button-front dress is a fan FAVE! Peruse any store this fall, and you’re sure to see button- and zip-front details on skirts, dresses and rompers. This look is majorly #trending. Abby’s tie-dye hoodie makes this outfit much more casual and a little less “prep-school,” and she will get so much mileage out of both pieces. Pair the dress with a classic button up or even a solid colored tee for a more classic look, and the hoodie would work well with leggings or distressed denim for a more casual vibe.

  • Dress and hoodie: Aéropostale
  • White undershirt: H&M
  • Leopard Sneakers: Off Broadway Shoes


Pro Tip: Don’t forget to grab the basics—not just clothing and shoes. Many retailers at Legends Outlets sell items like backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles and hand sanitizer. Bath & Body Works even sells cute sanitizer holders that kids can attach to their backpacks! Remember that most schools won’t have water fountains available for students this fall, so a functional and stylish water bottle is a must!



Back-to-School Style Guide: High School


Released 8/12/20


Welcome back to school, KC! Can you believe we made it? It’s been awhile, and we all might be a little out of practice, but it is, indeed, time to head back to class, and we at the Legends Outlets will have you looking stylish with these top trends for Back-to-School.


Function & Fashion

Heading back to school may be a little tricky for teens used to lounging this summer, but a great, comfy pair of joggers can help make the transition to early mornings a little easier—literally, they feel like wearing PJs, but they look oh-so-chic! Pair them with a fun band/concert tee and a light denim jacket for fall, and wear them with a chunky cropped sweater and funky combat boots for the winter months. These will be a staple for your teen—trust us! Madison’s little black backpack is the perfect bag for the the school fashionista—it’s the perfect culmination of function meets fashion in the cutest little package!

  • Joggers, graphic tee and sneakers: maurices
  • Backpack and accessories: francesca’s


Mix & Match

Madison is a pro pattern mixer—just look at the way she has combined classic leopard print with modern tie-dye for a casually chic look that is perfect for back-to-school.

  • Clothes: maurices
  • Sandals & earrings: francesca’s


Pro Tip: When you’re mixing your patterns, look for prints from the same color family or in similar tones and be sure they are different size prints. The earthy tones in this large-scale tie-dye marries perfectly with the small scale leopard print jacket.



Back-to-School Style Guide: College


Released 8/12/20


Welcome back to school, KC! Can you believe we made it? It’s been awhile, and we all might be a little out of practice, but it is, indeed, time to head back to class, and we at the Legends Outlets will have you looking stylish with these top trends for Back-to-School.


Campus Cool

Will is effortlessly campus cool in this athleisure look from the Nike Factory Store. His comfortable joggers and tee are perfect for a day of classes, studying, and a casual lunch with friends.

  • Entire look: Nike Factory Store


A Step Up

Although college campuses are typically more casual, on occasion, your college kid will need to dress up for events like listening to a speaker or a networking event. Will’s tailored denim and classic fitted hoodie are professional without being overdone. The highlight? His genuine leather backpack from Wilson’s Leather. This bag is an investment piece, but will go the distance as he transitions to the professional world.

  • Pants, belt, shirt and sweatshirt: J.Crew Factory
  • Converse Shoes: Off Broadway Shoes
  • Backpack: Wilsons Leather


Pro Tip for college kids: Invest in a good pair of sneakers that are comfortable to walk in!



Back-to-School Style Guide: Teacher


Released 8/12/20


Welcome back to school, KC! Can you believe we made it? It’s been awhile, and we all might be a little out of practice, but it is, indeed, time to head back to class, and we at the Legends Outlets will have you looking stylish with these top trends for Back-to-School.


Floral Frock

Leah is ready for the first day of school or meet the teacher night (even if it’s done virtually!) with this classic frock from Kate Spade. This chic floral dress is perfect for those hot August days. Adding a variety of unexpected pops of color that work well together (her red/orange belt and aqua block-heel pumps) elevates an otherwise basic floral dress. Paired with a great tote, Leah is dressed for success those first days of school.

  • Dress: Kate Spade
  • Belt: francesca’s
  • Shoes: Off Broadway Shoes


Fall Floral

Because Leah’s floral dress is from Kate Spade, it is a little bit of an investment piece, so you want to make sure you can get mileage out of it. One simple way to do that is to transition the same dress into a fall staple by throwing on a sweater or cardigan and stylish ankle boots like these from Off Broadway Shoes. Voila! The perfect autumn outfit without breaking the bank!

  • Dress & bag: Kate Spade
  • Booties: Off Broadway Shoes
  • Sweater: J.Crew Factory
  • Earrings: francesca’s


Pro Tip: Investment in one printed or patterned piece (like Leah’s dress) that can be worn over and over again in different ways! This dress can be worn alone in the summer, with a light sweater in the spring, and with a sweater or jacket in the fall. It’s all about choosing the right shoes, accessories and layering components.


Father’s Day Gift Guide for The Dad Who Has ...


Released 6/15/20



The countdown to Father’s Day is on, and if you need some help finding the perfect gift for dad, we have you covered. Take a look above, at our top gift ideas for The Dad Who Has Everything. Find these gifts and more at the following retailers, which are open now: 


1: Hot Topic, Marvel Captain America Super Dad T-Shirt, call or visit for pricing

2: BAM Books-A-Million, If It Bleeds by Stephen King, $20.58

3: Bath & Body Works, Travel Size 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash, $6.50

4: BAM Books-A-Million, Mini Keychain Pliers, $9.99

5: BAM Books-A-Million, Dad Joke Face Off, $24.99

6: Go Calendars, Jack Daniels Playing Cards, call or visit for pricing



Father’s Day Gift Guide for The Foodie


Released 6/15/20



The countdown to Father’s Day is on, and if you need some help finding the perfect gift for dad, we have you covered. Take a look above, at our top gift ideas for The Foodie. Find these gifts and more at the following retailers, which are open now: 


1: GNC Live Well, Bucked Up Energy, $29.99

2: Beer Jerky Outlet, Personal Gift Box, call or visit for pricing

3: BAM Books-A-Million, The Smoke Shop’s Backyard BBQ : Eat, Drink, and Party Like a Pitmaster, $30

4: Beef Jerky Outlet, Grillfather Grilling Box, call or visit for pricing

5: Eddie Bauer, Bygone Backpack Cooler in Barn Red, on sale for $30



Father’s Day Gift Guide for The Stylish Dad


Released 6/12/20



The countdown to Father’s Day is on, and if you need some help finding the perfect gift for dad, we have you covered. Take a look above, at our top gift ideas for The Stylish Dad. Find these gifts and more at the following retailers, which are open now: 


1: Buckle, G-Shock Big Combi Military Watch, $99

2: Bath & Body Works, Travel Size 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash, $6.50

3: Tommy Hilfiger, Custom Fit Essential Solid Polo in Blastin Berry, call or visit for pricing

4: Beauty Brands, Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit, $35

5: Sunglass Hut, Ray-Ban Erika Classic, call or visit for pricing

6: Eddie Bauer, Bygone Backpack Cooler in Med Indigo, on sale for $30



Spring Prints for the Win


Released 3/13/20


From flowy floral dresses to classy gingham silhouettes and pretty polka dots, we’re having fun with fashion in spring’s top patterns! Whether you’re a minimalist or a print enthusiast, Legends Outlets is here to help you navigate the season’s hottest trends from low-key details to bright and bold designs.



Spring without florals is like the 70’s without disco, unimaginable. This spring we’re traveling back in time to the iconic era with 70’s wallpaper inspired floral patterns, like this pink and red dress from Kate Spade outlet. Très mod, très retro, très-statement making. Just add platform sandals and go!

Pro Tip: If 70’s wallpaper gives you anxiety, you can still participate in the floral fun with bohemian floral, a more subtle take on the trend. Pair a boho-print blouse with cute cut-offs and booties, or try a boho-floral print maxi dress, cinched at the waist with a leather belt and sandals.

1: Kate Spade Outlet. 2: Off Broadway Shoes. 3: Francesca’s. 4: Gap Outlet. 5: Off Broadway Shoes. 6: Banana Republic Factory Store. 7: H&M . 8: Off Broadway Shoes.



Mini Mouse…but make it fashion. Polka dots are having a major comeback, and we’ve seen them EVVV-ERRR-YYY where this season. Go bold or go home in this knit mock-turtleneck sweater from H&M – it’s playful, chic and easy to dress up or down. Pair it with a distressed pair of high-waisted jeans and sneakers for a more casual look, and throw on a moto jacket over to add some edge. For a more sophisticated style, pair a polka dot midi skirt with your favorite white tee and some strappy heels.

Pro Tip: If you’re not ready to jump headfirst into the polka-dot trend, opt for a head band or head scarf instead.

1: H&M. 2: Gap Outlet. 3: Off Broadway Shoes. 4: Wilson’s Leather. 5: Gap Outlet. 6: H&M. 7: Off Broadway Shoes. 8: H&M.



If this dress from J.Crew Factory doesn’t make you want to go on a picnic, we give up. The preppy pattern has been a wardrobe-staple for decades, but the look gets an exciting upgrade this spring with new shapes, bright colors and two-piece sets. We can’t help but LOVE the versatility of the navy-white style, too.

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about looking like a schoolgirl or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, glam up the look with eye-catching accessories like a statement necklace, bold earrings, glitzy barrettes, or grunge it up with some lace-up Dr. Martens.

1: J.Crew Factory 2: Francesca’s. 3: Ann Taylor Factory Store. 4: Francesca’s. 5: Off Broadway Shoes.




Transition Your Outerwear from Winter to Spring


Released 2/12/20

Find trendy outerwear pieces at Legends Outlets’ retailers to transition from one season to the next in style!


Well, the groundhog saw his shadow…is it spring yet? But seriously, February can be a tricky month when it comes to fashion. Spring fever is on the horizon and the styles have hit the stores, but let’s be honest…..it’s still cold in KC! We are all tired of our winter bundles and ready for a fresh dose of fashion, but Mother Nature just seems to be on a different wavelength. Thankfully, there are numerous options for transitional outerwear that will take you from season to season in style while keeping you warm.


Our stylists took it to the streets at the Legends Outlets to find the best of the best when it comes to jackets and coats for late winter and early spring. Layered up with other seasonal pieces, these gorgeous jackets are showstoppers and put the “fun” in function.



Look 1: Chic Camel 

Want to make your outfit instantly chic? Throw on a camel-colored trench coat over a tailored dress, or a pair of jeans and a sweater, and you’re ready to take on any situation in style. When shopping for the perfect trench coat, shop fit first—the key is making sure the coat fits you well through the shoulders and the bust. There are tons of affordable options for trench coats on the market, but don’t feel guilty spending a little more on an item like this because it is so timeless and won’t go out of style.


GET THE LOOK: Trench coat, dress, flats, necklace and earrings: J.Crew Factory


PRO TIP: Most classic trench coats come with a built-in belt. To show off your outfit underneath the trench coat, try tying the coat’s belt in the back to nip in the waist and give your jacket more shape.



Look 2: Colorful Puffer

This season, if there’s one jacket that you have to have, it’s a puffer. Yep, you read that right….puffers aren’t just for little kids playing in the snow anymore, and they are also not just for the coldest winter days. On its own, a puffer jacket can read as super casual and sporty. But there are ways to elevate it and make it feel more polished and even professional.


GET THE LOOK: H&M puffer jacket; Old Navy Outlet pants and sneakers; American Eagle logo t-shirt


PRO TIP: When it comes to choosing a color for your perfect puffer, we vote for choosing one that you will get a lot of wear out of—maybe the color of your favorite sports team.



Look 3: Fun Floral 

This sweet little floral raincoat from H&M is the perfect layer for those damp, early spring days. Because rain jackets tend to be super lightweight, don’t be afraid to layer a chunky sweater or fleece jacket under it for warmth. Look for a fun pattern or even a metallic hue when purchasing a rain jacket for your child. We love this dark floral, which could easily pair with jewel tones and transition to fall later on, so this little jacket is not just a one-hit-wonder.


GET THE LOOK:  Jacket, sweater, skirt, boots, socks, and headband: H&M


PRO TIP: Always buy one size up when purchasing outerwear for your kids, so they can get  more than one year out of it.  The oversized look is super on-trend right now anyway, which is also happens to be super practical when you’re trying to get a lot of mileage out of your kids’ clothes.




Galentine’s Day at Legends Outlets


Released 2/10/20


Local influencer @kendra.raymer visited the center  for an early Galentine’s Day celebration with shopping, manis & pedis from Nails So Happy and dinner at Granite City! Kendra and her sister shopped at H&M, Nike Factory Store, Baldwin (where Kendra found a super trendy coat on major sale!) and more! Check out Kendra’s BLOG POST to see all her picks and all the details about their Galentine’s Day experience!

Valentine’s Day Fashion Guide


Released 2/7/20


Valentine’s Day, but make it fashion. Whether you’re going out on the town with your girls, or to dinner with your Valentine, we’ve got you covered on pieces that pay tribute to the romantic and fun spirit of the day without dressing in head-to-toe hearts. Add pops of pink and red (all shades welcome!) to your outfit for a look that’s festive enough to wear on V-Day, but versatile enough to wear any other day.


1: Heart Scarf from Loft Outlet: This silk, heart-printed scarf from Loft Outlet is a chic, easy and subtle way to add some V-Day flare to any look! Plus, there are so many different ways to wear it. Tie it around your neck or purse, wear as a headband or belt, or use it to elevate your ponytail as a cute hair accessory. PS – it’s currently on sale for less than $15.






2: Designer Satchel from Kate Spade Outlet: This purse is 50 shades of Valentine’s, and we’re here for it. The color combination is a sophisticated take on the typical V-Day palette, which makes it great for everyday use. Large enough to store all of your date night or GNO necessities, this high quality, leather bag will never go out of style.







3: Heart Sweater from Kate Spade Outlet: We experienced love at first sight with this fun and cozy turtleneck sweater. If this doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, we don’t know what does! If you’re going for a flirty ensemble, pair this sweater with a midi skirt. If edgy is more your vibe for the night, wear it with a pair of distressed jeans and leather jacket.







4: Pink Coat from Banana Republic Factory Store: Stand out and keep warm wherever your Valentine’s Day plans take you in this bold, pink coat – a fun yet still sophisticated take on the standard topcoat! BONUS: Pink coats are a major trend this season!







5: MAC Russian Red Lipstick from The Cosmetics Company Store: A bold lip can do no wrong! Add the finishing touch to your date-night look with this sultry red lipstick for a pop of color.








6: Heart Earrings from J.Crew Factory: Is it really Valentine’s Day if you’re not wearing heart earrings? If pink and red aren’t your colors, these gold, heart-beaded earrings from J.Crew Factory are the perfect way to add some festive glamour to your look.






7: Open Heart Barrette Set from Francesca’s: If you didn’t already know, hair clips and barrettes have returned, and what better day to bring out the trend than Valentine’s Day? Add a touch of fun to your luscious locks with these heart barrettes! Ultra-cute, feminine and V-Day approved.







8: Pink Turtleneck Sweater from H&M: Stay comfy and festive from the office to dinner in this soft turtleneck sweater from H&M. Not only is it great for Valentine’s Day, it’s a staple piece you can dress up or down all winter long!








9: Tortoise Ring Satchel from Banana Republic Factory Store: We have major heart eyes for this trendy, tortoise ring purse. Pair this red-hot bag with your favorite jeans and a neutral-colored top for a more casual V-Day look.








10: Heart Hair Coils from Francesca’s: These hair coils are the sweetest finishing touch to any Valentine’s Day look. Perfect for all hair types and more gentle than elastic ties, they’ll look cute in your hair and on your wrist!

Game Day Looks for KC Fans


Released 1/23/20


Who’s ready for the big game on Sunday, February 2nd?!  Whether you’re cheering from Miami, the bar or your sofa, Legends has you covered with festive, affordable and stylish looks you can pull off any day of the week.

Pro Tip: Incorporating red and yellow into your game day outfit is a great way to root for your team without necessarily wearing NFL sports apparel! See what we’ve found so far and check back as we find more ideas to inspire the best-dressed KC fans.



Wear your teams’ colors at the office or go from dinner to the Watch Party in these looks from Brooks Brothers. Also available: polos, sweaters, tees, dresses and more in red & yellow.

 Get 15% off when you spend $150 or more until February 2, 2020.



Feelin’ extra festive? Add a pop of red with lipstick from Cosmetics Company!

Best shades of red: Mac Russian Red and Tom Ford Night Porter – both are 60% OFF right now.



Show support and keep warm in these bold jackets from Eddie Bauer! (And possibly become the best color-coordinating duo in KC)




Be the most stylish fan at the watch party in this mustard shirt, red cardigan, and red accessories from Francesca’s!

Want to stand out even more? Throw on a buffalo plaid print cardigan over the mustard shirt for a fun and different way of incorporating the color red.

Plus, all full-priced items at Francesca’s are BOGO 50% off.



Shop traditional fan gear at Sportibles, from banners, hats and gloves to pullovers, long-sleeve shirts, and scarfs.







How to Style Pantone’s Color of the Year, Cl...


Released 1/15/20


Welcome to a New Decade! 2020 also brings us the new Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue, which is popping up everywhere in the world of home décor and fashion. With its preppy, Parisian vibes, Classic Blue is perfect medium blue — a hue that is not quite navy, not quite cobalt, but instead, the perfect in-the-middle blue tone sure to flatter all skin tones. This cerulean–esque shade is classic, yet fresh and so easy to style with our simple tips and tricks.


Our stylists scoured the Legends Outlets to create three outfits, which highlight some of the freshest trends for 2020 starring, of course, classic blue. From color blocking to a chic monochromatic ensemble and everything in between, you’ll find all of these looks at the Legends Outlets.



Go Bold! Color blocking (wearing contrasting colors in large scale chunks) can be tricky, but when it’s done well, its very effective and modern. The trick is to look for pieces that do the color blocking for you like this gorgeous sweater from Old Navy.

Try mixing classic blue with other bold-colored pieces from the other side of the color wheel, such as marigold, yellow, orange, magenta, red, burgundy and even turquoise. And be brave enough to venture away from just denim and neutrals on your bottom half.  We love Isabelle’s sweater thrown over a simple blue shift dress from Francesca’s, or a beautiful classic blue blouse would pop against a vibrant hot pink pencil skirt, for example.


Pro Tip: Stick with the same saturation of colors. You don’t want a very bold, saturated hue with a pastel. Pair bold with bold and let the color do the talking!


Get Isabelle’s look:

Pair a slightly oversized color block sweater over a solid dress that will easily transition to spring. Add a white combat boot like this Steve Madden pair from Off Broadway, or a sandal when the temps start to rise!

  • Sweater: Old Navy
  • Dress: Francesca’s
  • Boots: Off Broadway
  • Earrings: Francesca’s



If blue isn’t necessarily your favorite color, adding it into your wardrobe through a print or a bold accessory or two is best. The fresh pop of color can modernize your wardrobe in an inexpensive way that still makes you feel like “you” and doesn’t lead you too outside your comfort zone.  Bring in Classic Blue through accessories like jewelry , purses, and prints like this gorgeous blouse from Ann Taylor Factory at Legends Outlets.  Paired with a classic black trouser, Brianna is ready to hit the office, but she could easily swap the pants for denim for a night out with friends!


Get Brianna’s look:

Choose a blouse that features a print that speaks to you featuring a hint of Classic Blue—a stripe, a plaid, a floral—it doesn’t matter! Paired with a sleek pant, the focus of this outfit is undoubtedly the classic plaid print, and the hints of blue are also brought out through gorgeous blue-toned jewelry.

  • Blouse: Ann Taylor Factory
  • Pants: Ann Taylor Factory
  • Pumps: Off Broadway
  • Choker & Earrings:  Francesca’s



Take street style to the next level by creating a monochromatic look—head to toe in the same blue hue. The key to pulling off a monochromatic look is the incorporation of different textures—think leather with fur, sequins with satins, or knits with cozy quilted fabrics like Olivia chose with this sleek knit body-con dress from Michael Kors paired with her blue quilted puffer jacket. Tres chic! Throw on a stylish sneaker, and you’re good to go!


Pro Tip: When you do a monochromatic look with many different textures, keep the accessories bold, but not busy—a classic gold cuff and simple oversized hoop earring do the trick.  


Get Olivia’s Look:

Look for pieces that juxtapose each other just enough in shape and texture but feature the same classic blue tone. Olivia’s body-con dress is the perfect lady-like touch to hold its own under a sporty puffer jacket. Her quilted leather blue backpack is the perfect finish-the-look piece. Shop all these pieces at the Legends Outlets.

  • Dress: Michael Kors
  • Jacket: Michael Kors
  • Backpack: Michael Kors
  • Jewelry: Francesca’s



Fitness Gear for the New Year


Released 1/13/20

By guest writer Cara H. of Cara’s Fit Code


At the beginning of the new year, I always treat myself with some new workout gear to help further motivate me and make me excited about my fitness goals. Because what’s better than going to the gym in a cute new workout outfit? It not only helps me to LOOK like I’m going to go slay my workout but also makes me FEEL so confident too!


So this year, I set a Saturday shopping date with my mom at Legends Outlet for one of the first weekends in January. After all the crazy holiday shopping and hustle to find perfect gifts, I was excited to be able to leisurely shop without having a set list of things we had to find. I did have a couple of things that I was hoping to find, such as (1) new workout shoes (I haven’t bought new shoes in over a year!) and also a new equipment to add to my home gym.


Our first stop was at the Victoria’s Secret|PINK store. They have such a great selection of activewear – as soon as I walked it I grabbed a shopping bag because I knew I was going to want to try on a lot! I absolutely love their new seamless line – the leggings are SO comfortable and I ended up taking them home in this dark green color! I also fell in love with this velvet lined sports bra – so feminine and unique – and this pink jacket to throw on before and after my workouts! Their twist front sports bras fit so well too and I ended up taking home one in this basic black.


Next stop: Nike Factory Store. I’ve been on the hunt for a cute, sporty puffer jacket to to wear to my workouts and also casually on the weekends. This puffer coat in robin egg blue immediately caught my eye and was on sale for 25% of the price that you would buy it for online! I was so happy to find the new sneakers I was on the hunt for here, too!! I tried on about 5 different pairs, but ultimately fell in love with this Epic Flyknit sneakers. I like the look of the all-white shoe with the pop of bright colors.


We also stopped in at the Adidas outlet and the entire store was 50% off, including their Cloudfoam sneakers which I have been eyeing forever! I also picked up a really cute kid’s sweat set for my toddler son.


We then headed on over to Jockey – I love their seamless bras – they are so comfortable for lounging and are even comfortable enough to sleep in. I picked up a cream one and a white one since they were BOGO half off! I also highly recommend their seamless underwear – they’re all I wear under workout gear and leggings!


Our final shopping stop was HomeGoods – my mom and I both could spend hours in here! The first thing we saw when we walked in was a display home fitness gear which was perfect. I picked up this thick yoga mat with a carrier for only $12.99 – such a steal and such great quality. I also couldn’t belive they had 10 lbs dumbbell sets for only $7.99 – I’ve never seen weight sets priced that low. They also had a good variety of resistance bands. If you’re needing to add any equipment to your home gym I highly recommend checking out HomeGoods for some great pieces!


We decided to stop in to Stix for a bite before heading home. We ended up grabbing a drink and taking carryout to-go since we were tired from our shopping day! Stix has an awesome deal where if you order more than $15 of carryout online you get a free California roll – so I got all of this deliciousness for only $18! I ended up ordering the Dynamite Roll, the California roll and one Crab Nigiri.


Overall it was a great girls’ shopping day at the Legends. I came home with so many cute activewear pieces and workout gear. It was the best motivation to get a head start on my fitness goals and to crush it in 2020!



Festive Fashions for the Family


Released 12/21/19


From family functions to New Year’s Eve celebrations, keep the kiddos looking picture-perfect and Instagram-ready for all your holiday festivities with affordable fashions from Legends Outlets!


Our stylists scouted noteworthy yet comfortable looks for the whole crew incorporating classic holiday trends like plaid, corduroy, sequins and fleece. The best part? These pieces can be recycled into other winter looks! Who’s ready to fête?



We love a traditional holiday dress, but this year, opt for a fun, versatile alternative: palazzo pants! Your little fashionista is sure to be the best dressed at the party. P.S. – these pants are cartwheel approved 😉

Get Liliana’s Look: Pair navy palazzo pants with a white sequin jacket layered over a white snowflake sweater. Complete the look with white ballerina flats and a red, plaid headband to add a pop of holiday tradition. Shop this entire outfit at H&M!



Your little dude will be ready to sleigh and play in this fun and festive outfit decorated with Santa, reindeer and elves! Not only is it comfortable, but the pants, button-down shirt and sneakers are a great investment for spring – just swap the holiday sweater for a light jacket.

Get Wyatt’s Look: Layer a festive fleece pullover over a striped button-down shirt. Pair with neutral pants and classic brown sneakers. Find this entire outfit at Carter’s | OshKosh B’gosh.



Big sister is classic and elegant from head to toe in a twirl-worthy midi-skirt featuring a trendy bow. Don’t forget the dazzle! Gold and sparkly layered statement necklaces add a pop of glam and can be reused for other dressy occasions throughout the year.

Get Brookelyn’s Look: Pair an emerald button-down blouse with a plaid midi-skirt, black tights and black leather booties. Add some dazzle with gold accessories. Shop her entire outfit at J.Crew Factory.



Big brother is sporting a relaxed, yet still holiday-card approved outfit featuring a festive mix of green and red. Corduroy pants are a trendy alternative to classic chinos, and we have a feeling they will be everywhere in 2020! This look is also very versatile – the pieces can be mixed and matched with more outfits for seasons to come.

Get Austin’s Look: Wear a grey pullover over a red and black button-down shirt with forest green corduroy pants and combat boots. Find everything (expect the shoes) at Polo Ralph Lauren Factory. We snagged those from Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse.


For more on these festive fashions, click here to watch our FOX4 News Segment! 



Holiday Style for the Family


Released 11/26/19


With Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the festive, family celebrations in between, it’s a fun time of year for you and yours to look the very best … and look good together! Whether your dinners and parties provide lots of photo opportunities, or if you’re planning professional photos for your holiday cards this year, we put together a stylish, cohesive palette to dress the whole crew this holiday season. Featuring popular boots, pleasing color combinations, and some of the hottest trends for every member of your family, we’ve got you Instagram-ready for the holidays! 



Step 1: Pick a common color to feature in every outfit and don’t go overboard with it. We picked fall’s hottest take on red — a rich maroon — and gave everyone just one piece or two with the accent color to avoid looking “matchy-matchy”. 

Step 2: Stick with individuals’ style. For example, we dressed up mom and dad, but kept the kids comfy.

Step 3: Work in a unique trend for each person and don’t overthink it! We gave each family member a signature “pop” of style from the season’s hottest trendspotting! 

Step 4: Keep it practical. We love the boot trend so we dressed up a super-practical footwear idea for every member of the family, and focused on individual pieces everyone can keep in their wardrobe for the rest of the winter!  



Dad’s burgundy color makes an appearance as soft, rich maroon corduroy pants and for his trend focus, we dressed up his black hiking boots and casual layers with a tweed blazer.

On Ryan: jewel-toned cotton plaid button-front oxford, oatmeal quarter-zip lightweight sweater, black and grey tweed blazer, maroon corduroy pants, all from Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Outlet; black steel grommet lace-up hiking boots from Off Broadway Shoes



Mom’s burgundy is anything but basic with sleek and shiny wellington boots and an ultra soft lightweight layering sweater. Her signature trend for the season is an upscale camel and cheetah combo! 

On Robin: classic crewneck sweater, soft cotton sweater blazer, wool blend pencil skirt, opaque black tights, oversize cheetah print blanket scarf, all from J. Crew Factory Outlet; Walker Atlantic wellington boots in oxblood by Sperry at Off Broadway Shoes; pave stacked cuff gold bracelet, gold fringe bib necklace, maroon beaded necklace, faceted maroon and pave stud earrings from Francesca’s



Big brother is keeping it chill in relaxed and comfy staples with just a hint of maroon in his layered shirts. His style focus this season is the hit puffer vest and duck boots.

On Zachary: warm camel skinny chinos, maroon and navy plaid button-down oxford, navy, beige and maroon fairy isle sweater, navy blue puffer vest, all from  J. Crew Factory Outlet; navy and brown Brewster waterproof duck boots by Sperry from Off Broadway Shoes.

Little sister is ready for after-dinner snuggles in her soft and flowy maroon top. Her pop of style comes from metallic rose gold accents, sherpa, and faux fur–a big hit this holiday season for any age! 

On Mia: burgundy empire waist blouse with metallic rose gold embroidered details, faux fur vest, coral pink ballerina jeggings, all from Old Navy; camel sherpa boots with bow detailing by Koolaburra by Ugg at Off Broadway Shoes.

Fall Looks For Less With Heather Monrad


Released 11/18/19

Local influencer, Heather Monrad of @mintedinthemidwest visited the center to find the best fall trends for less. During her shopping spree, Heather found a coat on sale at J.Crew Factory that she had been eyeing for over a year , and she found the perfect pieces at H&M for Thanksgiving, holiday parties and other events for the season! She also visited Levi’s Outlet Store, LOFT Outlet, The Dapper Doughnut and Noodles & Company. Check out her blog post for more details about her trip and to see all the adorable (& affordable!) outfits she found for fall!

📷: Heather Monrad

Halloween Outfits for All


Released 10/21/19


Halloween is just around the corner, but don’t be scared! We have some great ideas that work with what you have in your wardrobe to build upon for the cutest — or creepiest — looks this season! Look to pop culture and current trends for your inspiration and start with wardrobe basics that you can re-wear after the trick-or-treating is over. From there, head to Spirit Halloween at Legends for your novelty and licensed apparel and accessories to complete your costume!


From littles to bigs, who doesn’t love the glittery magic of unicorns right now?! We started with some super trendy basics from our friends at Justice, incorporated some cold weather pieces (in case the weather gets crazy), and then added on some fun, whimsical accessories to complete this look. 

On Stella: watercolor athletic leggings, “totally magical” tee, sherpa zip-up with rose gold accents, and glitter fur-lined snow boots – all from Justice; unicorn headband with horn, hair and matching tail, fuzzy unicorn cuffs, unicorn wings, and sparkly unicorn makeup palette – all from Spirit Halloween.


You can never go wrong with this creepy classic! Start with dressy staples from your closet, and don’t be afraid to layer with sweaters in gothic colors like dark red or bold purple to add warmth for cool nights. From there, darkened eyes, white cheeks and even some blood around the mouth make a scary-good costume for any age! 

On Kaulib: skinny black chinos, white oxford button-down shirt, red shawl collar sweater, and leather sneakers from Old Navy; collared vampire cape, top hat, vampire brooch, vampire staff, plastic vampire fangs, and darkening eye makeup, all from Spirit Halloween. Note: we skipped the blood for a daytime, school-friendly look, but don’t forget to add it for serious trick-or-treating! 


Even today, Harry Potter is all the rage and we are still here for it! Whether you’re a die-hard Slytherin, or just a fan of wizardry, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the cool costume options for this pop culture phenomenon. We started with a preppy look to mimic the Hogwarts school uniform, then layered on licensed Harry Potter accessories to complete this smart ensemble. Pro tip: start by choosing your house, and build your color palette from there. We chose a classic — Gryffindor — and had a blast with the red and gold color scheme for this look. 

On Alexa: red chinos, white button-down oxford, and sweet ballet flats from Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet; striped necktie, letterman’s cardigan, round eyeglasses, magic wand, and deluxe Gryffindor robe, all from Spirit Halloween


NASA is having a moment and we are loving the empowered, intelligent, and creative S.T.E.M. message it’s sending to kids. With tons of logo apparel and tech-inspired wardrobe options, kids of any age will enjoy wearing their NASA costume pieces long after the candy stash has been depleted. We started with athletic and tech style basics, then added logo accessories to make this ultra-easy costume ready in a flash!

On Juston: cargo joggers, white NASA logo tee, NASA logo nylon bomber jacket, NASA logo baseball cap, and high-top sneakers – all from H&M; aviator sunglasses from Spirit Halloween. Bonus: do you have a headphone addict in your midst? Add some tech savvy headwear for extra mission-control vibes! 


And, who could forget our favorite four-legged friends?! Stores like T.J. Maxx carry a ton of cute outfit ideas for our best friends, and we couldn’t pass up this banana split costume for Henry! 

Cute and Cozy Pajama Sets


Released 10/11/19


Fall is here and winter is on its way! What better time to indulge in some seriously comfy pajamas for those upcoming Netflix marathons and lazy weekends? Because snuggling can also be stylish, we scoured the center for this season’s cutest and coziest pajama sets…and these finds will have you saying goodbye to those old college t-shirts and sweatpants for good!



At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than slipping into something more comfortable. And, these feminine pajamas from Victoria’s Secret are giving us all the feels. The snuggle-approved set is so silky and stylish, you might never take it off (especially with the addition of this super soft robe and cozy throw)!



Known for the softest cottons around, Jockey dons the perfect pajama staples – great for layering, mixing and matching all season long. You’ll want to do nothing but curl up by the fire in these festive plaid jammies, complete with impossibly cozy fleece bottoms and super soft waffle shirts!



Not only is this coordinating knit set unbelievably soft, but the subtle stripes are a trendy upgrade to any loungewear. From Netflix to naps, this versatile option from Loft Outlet won’t have you embarrassed to answer the door or talk outside with your neighbors!



Who doesn’t like a little bit of sparkle? Upgrade your traditional sleepwear with something more sophisticated, yet still fun – like this soft navy set from Soma Intimates. The sparkly snowflakes and plush, glittery robe will make every night feel like a slumber party!




Karlie Stroup’s Family Fun Day


Released 10/2/19


Local influencer, Karlie Stroup of @aylensblog recently visited the center for a day full of family fun! Karlie, her husband and their two adorable girls had a jam-packed visit, starting off with $1 tacos from El Toro Loco (hello, Taco Tuesday!), dessert at The Dapper Doughnut, followed by a little fresh air on The Lawn and playtime at Dave & Busters! Karlie and her family also squeezed in some shopping at Nike Factory Store, Bath & Body Works and Claire’s. Check out Karlie’s blog post for all the details about their visit!

📷: Karlie Stroup

Seven Staples to Get You From Fall All the Way Thr...


Released 9/26/19


Fall is such a fun time of year to update your wardrobe. With the ever-changing weather, each day is a new opportunity to layer and get creative. As the temperatures (finally) start to lower and the nights get cooler, nothing is more exciting than scooping up some transitional pieces that will work through the winter and add some updated colors to your closet! Here are our favorites… 



A chic high-quality blazer works perfectly for an early fall outer layer and a tailored look for later in the season. We love the latest colors from Ann Taylor Loft, including this neutral toned glen plaid with tortoise buttons and the classic camel with brass buttons. While it’s warm, cuff the sleeves and wear yours over a camisole with cropped slacks and a breezy open back mule loafer. As temperatures cool, consider pairing your blazer with jeans and a vintage tee or even a fitted cashmere mock-neck sweater and booties! 



What works as an accessory this fall becomes a must-have this winter when you opt for a scarf that mixes trendy prints with cozy construction. We love Forever 21 Red’s huge assortment of fall and winter scarves, which are knitted for maximum warmth, and designed for maximum style. Try a preppy herringbone print like this one to add a sophisticated layer to your work look now, and then wear it with your prettiest pea coat this winter. For extra style points, pair a cheetah print over a light bomber jacket when the fall winds pick up.



There’s something so stylish about a fitted mock-turtleneck! From the slimming effect of the long sleeves and high neck to the totally practical warmth they provide, nothing says fall like a turtle! Forever 21 Red has tons including this ribbed mustard mock and this super soft burgundy option! Tuck into a pair of high-waisted skinny or relaxed fit jeans this fall, then add under layers of soft thermals and button-downs this winter. Pro tip for the turtle: try pulling hair back away from your face in a clip or pony and adding a statement earring as a way to elevate this conservative cut!



From high-pile knits to ultra soft merino and cashmere influences, and every rib and bauble and weave in between, we are calling 2019-2020 the winter of the sweater. Start now with a lightweight knit in a beautiful fall hue over a pair of light-weight cropped jeans or even a midi skirt! When the weather gets serious, mix your prints by layering any sweater over warm flannel or denim button-down shirts. Francesca’s has a great assortment, including this fun bordeaux and burnt orange cheetah crop, and this adorable beige sweater with heart details on the sleeves.



Athleisure is still having its major moment and we are here for it! I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of being comfortable while actually looking put together at the same time?  Whether you’re actually hitting the gym, running errands or experiencing all the fun activities around town, this look never fails – and it all starts with the leggings. Nike Outlet has a huge selection of leggings and tights that smooth, flatter & stay put; perfect for any marathon — whether it’s a holiday fundraiser run or just Netflixing on the couch!  We love these pumpkin-colored seamless leggings the most. For early fall, top your leggings off with a pullover which will provide all the warmth you need until winter arrives. Then, consider layering your teddy bear soft pullover like this one we got at Express under an all-weather running jacket to complete the look and keep you warm on your way!



If Tommy Hilfiger didn’t invent the lightweight cable knit sweater, they made it famous with their signature logo on the chest and their rainbow assortment of colors. Each year they change up the look just a little and add fresh new hues to their collection. This year is no exception, and the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet is currently rolling out multiple colors and styles for everyone’s favorite cable. We adore this warm oatmeal hue but you can never go wrong with a pop of color (especially red in Chief’s country, are we right?) Don’t forget to layer with the classic Tommy Hilfiger jean jacket for a timeless fall and winter look. Start with cuffed sleeves and a brightly colored chino and finish the year off with boots, black denim and a fun scarf to enjoy these pieces throughout the seasons!



When it comes to fall, nothing is more timeless and trendy at the same time as a staple leather jacket. Wilson’s Leather has a myriad of ultra-high quality leather jackets, including these lightweight options in all the hottest colors, like hunter green, blush pink, and of course, black. For fall, leave unzipped and work the leather alone over a tank or your favorite floral dress. As things chill out, start experimenting with layers underneath to add warmth to your natural wind-breaker. We love the look of a zippered hoodie peeking out the neckline of these sleek styles. A fuzzy sherpa-style jacket can also add unlimited warmth and a soft and cozy balance to your tough exterior. 


BOTTOM LINE: Look for all the latest colors in some of your go-to styles to make this fall feel fresh and new. Then as we get closer to the holidays, start piling on the layers! It’s a great way to showcase multiple pieces at a time and it’s truly your best bet against our blustery midwest winter! 

Denim Trends for All this Fall


Released 9/23/19


For a middle school-friendly denim outfit, look no further than the staple high-waisted skinny jean. And don’t be intimidated! Today’s denim technology features shapewear-like construction and lots of lifting and smoothing features. But for a classic, low-maintenance look for your teen, head to American Eagle, where the super hi-rise cut comes in a ton of washes with lots of great options to wear on top.



On Kaylin: Super hi-rise skinny jeggings in brilliant blue wash, chartreuse green long-sleeve waffle tee, cozy cropped cheetah print jacket and black heeled boots from Off Broadway Shoes.






For a slightly more worn-in, grown-up look – stick with the classics!  Levi’s Outlet features all the original denim cuts plus fun new updates and washes that work for today’s modern aesthetic. We love pairing more relaxed cuts with fitted tees to provide a flattering look with a nod to the 90s.



On Sydney: Levi’s 501 mid-rise light-wash denim with a straight leg, a fitted black and white stripe tee, and a pair of white grunge boots from Off Broadway Shoes.







For day-to-night style, go for some of the latest colored denims or super dark washes. We’re loving the rock ‘n’ roll appeal of faded black denim mixed with animal print. You can never go wrong with a dark wash that is easy to dress up for day or night. Express has a great variety of flattering fits and trendy washes to choose from.



On Deijah: Faded black high-waisted stretch denim with a raw hem, an ultra soft cheetah print sweater and chunky black ankle boots from Off Broadway Shoes.







For grown-up style that’s ahead of the curve, go for the denim-on-denim trend and do it now! We loved the look of dark jeans and a well-worn chambray top this spring and summer, but for fall, take the all-denim look a step further and match your blues! Everyone’s favorite denim creator, Baldwin, has an outlet store now and there’s never been a better time to invest in locally designed, totally designer denim.



On Olivia: Therese high-rise classic straight leg denim with a cropped hem, matching medium-wash denim jacket, fitted white ribbed tee, and a pair of trendy white Fila sneakers from Off Broadway Shoes.

Easy Fall Updates for Your Home


Released 9/16/19

Autumn is upon us! From Halloween to Thanksgiving, and each football game, bonfire, and pumpkin-spice everything in between, we are here for it! Take a look at a few of our favorite ideas to add a little fall flair to your home without overhauling your decor or budget … 



Smell is one of our most powerful senses and it is reportedly directly linked to our memories. Reminisce about grandma’s pumpkin pie, or sipping cider with your loved ones, or roasting marshmallows with a totally extensive line of autumn-inspired fragrances for every room of your home from Bath and Body Works! 

Pictured here, left to right: room spray, foaming hand soap, Wallflowers scented plug-in refills, decorative Wallflower plug-in fragrance diffuser, and a signature three-wick candle



A fast and affordable way to add fall flair to your home decor is by sticking with your existing color scheme and infusing some subtle nods to the season. With a variety of sizes and colors, you’re sure to find a stylish squash to spruce up your display! 




Pictured here: matte rose gold pumpkin with a brass stem, shiny mercury glass gourds in a variety of sizes, turquoise pumpkin with an intricately designed stem, and a lovely golden hand-blown glass pumpkin, all from Home Goods.



Another easy way to update your home is by swapping out soft goods like pillows and throws. Think of them as accessories for your couch! Look for cozy fabrics, textured knits, autumnal hues like burnt sienna, butterscotch, nutty browns, and trendy ochre.




Pictured here: chenille cable knit blanket by DKNY, classic plaid button-front pillow, jacquard pumpkins pillow, all from T.J. Maxx.


If the colors of the trees aren’t your faves, look for more unique colorways when updating your soft goods for fall! We are still loving blush, rose gold, bronze, beige and cool turquoises!



Pictured here: ultra plush faux-fur throw by Kate Spade and beaded pumpkin pillows, all from T.J. Maxx.

Fall Transitional Pieces for Back-to-School


Released 8/27/19

Our favorite back-to-school looks include lots of layering pieces to wear all year, featuring earthy jewel tones and vintage ’90s throw-backs. Take a look at how we dressed our crew! 



A lightweight, long-sleeve tee is great for early fall. Pair it with a zip-up hoodie for cool mornings and evenings as a jacket. Eventually it can be worn as an all-day sweatshirt layer this winter. Dark denim and neutral blue sneakers will look cool all year! 


On Adam (clothes from J.Crew, shoes from Off Broadway):

Sky-blue heather and white striped henley

Blue-hued camo zip-up hoodie

Dark wash jeans from Crew Cuts 

Two-tone blue on blue Vans sneakers 







Plaid is back in a big way and we are loving soft flannel for a transitional shirt that works as a stand-alone top, or as a layer as the weather cools down. Dark stretchy jeggings look great in all seasons and a transitional bootie is the best. 


On Madison (clothes and shoes from Justice): High-low flannel with pearl snaps and a raw hem,

Dark wash skinny jeggings

Grey heeled booties with studded spat details









Update his look this school year with traditional staples in the latest washes and colors. Dark hunter green tones are everywhere, and the fun medium wash of denim is a cool new take. Top it all off with a cool trucker jacket that works as a lightweight coat now and as a cool layered look in the winter. 


On Cayo (clothes from Gap Factory, shoes from Converse): 

Heather grey henley with hunter green ringer detailing and green sleeves

Medium wash athletic cut skinny jeans

Khaki trucker jacket

Classic white Chuck Taylor All-Stars 






Throw it back to the nineties with denim skirts, ruby and other jewel-toned ribbed tees, and combat boots! As cooler weather approaches, add on opaque tights under skirts, and layer on the fashion with button-down shirts, cardigans and jackets.


On Jennaka (clothes from Aeropostale, shoes from Off Broadway):

Distressed black denim mini skirt

Striped fitted ribbed tee with neckline cut-out details

Vintage-wash chambray pearl-snap shirt

Glittery black patent Doc Marten combat boots from Off Broadway

Teacher Basics for Back-to-School


Released 8/20/19


We did some shopping and came up with these teachers’ pets of style for the coming school year, including pieces teachers can mix, match and wear all year!


Designer Sneakers

A cute logo emblazoned sneaker like this slip-on by Michael Kors Outlet works all day from meetings to recess. Dial up your look and pair with a shift dress or chinos – dial it down and pair with jeans for casual Friday! 


Amazingly comfy pants 

These Marveluxe cropped trousers from Chico’s Outlet have a silky smooth and stretchy construction you have to feel to believe. They come in a ton of trendy colors and will feel like you’re wearing your favorite stretchy pajama pants while you work. For active teachers, wearability and comfort can’t be beat with these wrinkle-free pants for a tailored look.


A not-so-basic bag

What teacher doesn’t need a stylish bag to carry all their supplies and papers? Bonus points for this Kate Spade bag because of its built-in soft computer sleeve for the latest technology. We love this one in burgundy, blush and beige…but the other versions are great too!


Staple suiting separates

We started with a blazer, because Banana Republic Factory has some of the best, but we couldn’t stop there! The iron-free button downs and chic tailored cropped pants make for a complete look that can be mixed and matched all year because of the huge variety of colors and prints available!


Treat yourself & visit Legends Outlets to stock up on all your wardrobe basics for this school year!



Back-to-School Style for Kids & Teens


Released 7/29/19


Believe it or not, it’s that time of year already! School supply lists are available and the back-to-school sales have started! We gathered up our favorite looks for school kids to help inspire your next shopping trip! 


For the Littles …


Delanie is wearing a super cute layered look from the Gap Outlet, featuring trendy olive green floral jeggings, and a bright mustard yellow logo tee with fun reversible sequins. For elementary school, it’s all about sparkle and shine, so we also went with some glittery pink Converse sneakers from the Converse Outlet and layered on a classic denim jacket from Gap Outlet that she can wear as a trendy layer or a light jacket this fall. Delanie’s lunch box is a fun emoji print Nike thermal pack from the Nike Factory with hot pink trim and easy wipe-able fabrication—a must for all lunches!

Bryson is wearing a fun take on a preppy look with a classic logo polo shirt and khakis from the Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet. We love this as an option for kiddos who need uniform basics and for a classic look to start the school year out on the right foot. We made sure of that by completing his outfit with a shoe cool yellow and navy leather high top sneaker from the Converse Outlet and a fun patchwork Polo Outlet hoodie that will work as a warm layer in air conditioned classrooms and on the playground this fall. Bryson’s lunchbox is a royal blue Nike thermal roll from the Nike Factory, adding some athletic vibes to his school time look. 


For the Big Kids …


When it comes to middle school and high school, athleisure rules. You can’t be too comfy when it comes to sitting in class all day and bonus points if you’re dressed ready for hitting the gym after school. Aiden’s athleisure look is from the Nike Factory. This fall, you can’t go wrong with a jogger and we loved these lightweight sleek ones for the warmer weather at the start of the semester. We paired them with a grey dri-fit muscle tee and a trendy black hoodie with camo print on the sleeves and hood. Ultra modern sock construction sneakers with gum soles make Aiden ready for PE and physics in the same day. His backpack is from the Converse Outlet and features classic canvas construction and plenty of room for books and supplies to get him through the year. 

Casual is queen for middle and high school looks, and Jada is proof that laid back style can be beautiful. She’s wearing white skinny Rockstar jeggings from the Old Navy Outlet and and a breezy linen blend lavender tunic tied in a trendy knot. We layered on a fun cropped hoodie with a floral logo print from the Converse Outlet and love the white-on-white minimal look of her outfit. We elevated Jada’s casual vibe with rose colored platform sneakers from the Converse Outlet and a complimentary pink and olive backpack from the Nike Factory, making her school look as comfy as it is chic!

Pro tip for back-to-school shopping: hit up Legends Outlets early and often to catch all the sales and make some fun memories with your family as you prepare to hit the books this fall!


Summer Style for Every Occasion


Released 7/10/19


Ah, summer in Kansas City. Sometimes sweltering, sometimes stormy, always fun and always so much to do! Legends Outlets stylist, Sarah Findley, breaks summer down into her top five favorite looks and where to wear them this season!



Summer is the season for outdoor eating! Whether it’s brunch on a patio, family reunions, or a backyard BBQ, my favorite picnic look comes head-to-toe from J. Crew Factory. I wear this breezy cotton-linen striped midi skirt with everything and sub it for shorts when I’m feeling like kicking my outfit up a notch without sacrificing comfort (hello elastic waistband for second helpings of pasta salad and watermelon)! I tuck in or tie cute graphic tees like this brunch top, or a sweet v-neck like this J. Crew Mercantile basic tee in brilliant poppy—a fresh take on pink and a popular color this summer! I love to mix prints and could wear these Zoe faux calf hair d’orsay flats with everything. If I want to dress it up a bit, I opt for my go-to canvas espadrille wedges, which offer some height without sinking your heels into your neighbor’s yard! Layer on chic summer accessories like this oversize tortoise shell link necklace and a timeless straw fedora, and you’re ready for any outdoor party!


For more dressed-up affairs, I always head to my favorite femme dress spot, the Express Factory Outlet. This summer, bright rompers are the new LBD for your bachelorette party, winery tour, or day-to-night party look. I love this grassy tropical print on a bold berry background and the off-the-shoulder cut and flowy sleeves totally make this anything but your basic one-piece. With so many fun colors in the print, I’m always swapping out bright tassel earrings and eye makeup choices to change up this outfit. If I’m transitioning my look from day to night festivities, I always go with black accessories, like these minimalist strappy block-heel sandals by Express Factory Outlet. A black floppy straw hat and plastic rimmed shades give sun protection and style points at the same time!


For me, my pool look has to be functional and fashionable. One-piece suits are everywhere this summer, and I don’t hate it! I love this entire look from Forever 21 Red, featuring an earthy olive deep-v one-piece with high cut legs. The color is super popular and goes with anything, but I loved it with a pair of creamy peach linen shorts and a long flowy palm leaf kimono. I seriously love this as an outfit AND a pool cover-up! A low-maintenance pair of slides with rose gold faux leather straps are easy to kick off poolside and also work great for a long walk on the beach (or from the parking lot to the waterpark with the kiddos). I do NOT skip on sun protection so I loved this flat brim straw hat with mauve tassels. A basic pair of oversize rose gold hoops complete this look for me and I’ll feel cool whether I’m in or out of the water!


Summer is also super fun for all the outdoor festivals, patio drinks, and festive events! I like to look summery, while having the layers and style I need to make an outfit work for me in any setting. If I’m heading to First Fridays, block parties, or concerts, I’ll add my boho personality to a basic white tank like this one by tying it in a knot and adding some awesome, colorful, exotic palazzo pants. I love this outfit from Francesca’s because it’s creative and fun, while including some major style points like the flowy legs, trendy mustard color scheme, and turquoise jewelry. A gauzy lace kimono with bell sleeves adds a layer of style without adding any unnecessary warmth for this steamy season, and a laser cut clutch with gold chain strap allows me to tote my money, phone, and—most importantly—shine blotting paper with me in the Midwest heat. I hide a pair of Birkenstocks under the wide legs of my palazzo pants so that I can stay on my feet all day and night!


What about the day-to-day summer slog? Let’s be honest … most of your summer is spent in and out of the car, stores, and restaurants! For errands, appointments, and lunch with friends, I keep my summer look minimal and breathable. My go-to outfit this summer has been this spaghetti strap romper from H&M (it has pockets!). I love it because it’s so cool and lightweight, featuring an elastic cinched waist and the most delicate straps with a perfect neckline in front and back … and because I can trade out my accessories to make it a different look while wearing it on repeat all summer. Straw canteen purses work great for lunches on the go, heels and wedges dress it up for nights out, and colorful beaded earrings and bracelets spice up the color palette. That said, my absolute default version is styled with leather sandals like Birkenstocks or these cute knock-offs from Off Broadway that feature a trendy white outsole, oversize tortoise shell earrings from H&M, my trusty J. Crew Factory straw fedora, and a big woven bag with tassels from H&M that’s cute enough to be a purse but big enough to tote contents for meetings and errands!



Festive Fourth of July Fashions


Released 7/1/19


Independence Day is right around the corner and it’s a totally fun excuse to get festive with your look! We did a little shopping and picked up some great outfits for the whole family, focusing on wearability, comfort and value for this busy summer holiday!

Katie’s look works great for teens and moms, with a focus on fashion and just a subtle nod to the red, white and blue. We picked a pair of distressed high-waisted skinny jeans from the Gap Outlet and paired them with a basic cream tank featuring spaghetti straps, neck tie detail, and lightweight cotton blend construction. We love this summer basics look and she can wear it for any casual event she has during the hot weather! For some extra style, we layered on a long flowy kimono from Maurice’s, which we love for its breezy fabric and handkerchief-print inspired red, white, blue, and mauve color scheme. Accessories like a dainty layering necklace set and navy tassel earrings from H&M work for the holiday but can also look great with lots of other looks. To round out her wearable style, we went with some mid-height espadrille wedges by Tommy Hilfiger from Off Broadway Shoes.

Reece is nailing tween fashion with lots of sparkle and shine from Justice. These short overalls are so fabulously patriotic with their mermaid sequins in blue stars on one leg and red and white stripes on the other! Underneath we layered a white and blue tie-dye tunic that will look great over shorts or even leggings later in the summer. We topped off her look with shiny red, white and blue sunglasses from Justice, but there were tons to choose from, including barretts, headbands, jewelry, fanny packs and more! Classic red Converse low-top All-Stars from Off Broadway complete her all-American look.

Juston’s dad style game is strong in one of our favorite classic American brands — Levi’s. We started with a medium wash, athletic taper 541 denim which he can wear year-round. Then we added a vintage inspired logo tee, with a distressed finish. These come in every color but we went with the classic for this holiday. Over that we layered a fun madras plaid short-sleeve button up so that his overall vibe is low-key patriotic, not cheesy. Retro white and blue Nike high-tops from Off Broadway add some fun to his look and will keep him on his feet all day and night during the festivities!

Wyatt packs a lot of style in a little package with his patriotic outfit. A souvenir-inspired New York tee from H&M shows off his all-American spirit, while trendy Bermuda length denim shorts from H&M add some serious style to the look. For the littles, the Fourth of July is a fun time to add a little novelty so we went to Carter’s/OshKosh and looked through their super fun assortment of patriotic clothes for kids. We were excited when we found this darling short-sleeve button-down shirt that features hotdogs and popsicles! Little red Puma sneakers from Off Broadway feature white and navy detailing as well as easy velcro closures to help little brother keep up with the rest of the crew on the busy day!

From picnics to parades, then fireworks to festivities, Legends Outlets has 100+ stores ready to inspire your patriotic style this Fourth of July!

Summer Style Must-Haves


Released 6/11/19


Summer is a fun time to play with your personal style because it’s typically a more laid back time of the year with a lot more fun happening all around you! From downtown to down time, Legends stylist, Sarah Findley, shares her top five fashion must-haves for the hottest season!

For me, summer style is all about wearability (and breathability–hello midwest heatwave!). I look for breezy fabrics, lots of neutrals, stuff I can add jewelry to in order to dress it up without having to worry about extra layers, and stuff I can dress down for a backyard BBQ without having to feel like I’m rolling up in my pajama shorts and boring t-shirt. Bonus points: my five faves for summer all work great together so I find myself re-wearing parts of all these looks without having to repeat an outfit exactly.


THE CANADIAN TUXEDO Denim skirts are back and their reincarnation features lengths, shapes and washes fit for any age bracket. My favorite way to wear them is with a nod to the infamous all-denim “Canadian tuxedo,” by adding a chambray button down! Worn open over a fun graphic tee or buttoned up and tucked in, the look is effortlessly cool and very in style this year. I love the selection of denim mini skirts at The Buckle, and I wear my chambray shirt in perfect fit from the J. Crew Factory store all the time!






This year’s response to maxi dresses is the midi-length. Skimming your calf, this flattering length can look casual or dressed up. For a dressier vibe, look for a silky slip dress like the ones at J. Crew Factory store and add lots of delicate gold jewels from Francesca’s. For a more casual look, try one of the soft twist-back options at the Banana Republic Factory store! I love the slit up the legs on this one and the breezy flow of the dress. Read on to see what shoes I’m pairing mine with …  




While nothing beats a cute flat sandal, lots of influencers are trading theirs in for classic sneakers this summer. This is great news if you have lots of walking in store for your summer vacation! Consider retro looks like the Nike Cortez and Reebok’s Classic running shoe if you’re looking for a traditional sneaker. Or, you can go with my personal fave and get and old school, shell-toe Adidas Superstar! I’m loving the updated colors like mauve, rose gold, and yellow gold. I’ve seen these everywhere but I nabbed my white Superstars with gold stripes from the Adidas Store and wear them daily with shorts, jeans and–yes–even dresses!




If you are looking for a one-piece, go-anywhere, on-trend outfit, get yourself a jumpsuit. Dress them up with heels and jewels. Dress them down with sandals or sneakers. Whoever invented this chic garment seriously had busy fashion-forward gals in mind. Everyone got this memo so you can find them anywhere, in a variety of styles, fabrics and lengths. Some feature saucy cut-outs and some are more tailored and modest. I’m loving the latter and had no trouble finding one I loved at the Express outlet! Bonus points that this one features my summer’s signature chambray construction.





Everyone’s favorite wedges have received an easy-going update this summer in the form of a thick, flat midsole and I’m loving it. The resulting shoe is everywhere and makes it super easy to add some height to your outfit without breaking your ankles. This is seriously a backyard party or garden wedding game changer!  Check out Francesca’s for a cute variety, as well as Off Broadway for tons of fun colorways. Cuff your jeans above the ankle to show off this trendy take on a beachy fave!


Summer Festival Fashions


Released 6/6/19


Live music, day drinking and flower crowns as far as the eye can see can only mean one thing, festival season is here! Festivals are the time to have fun and let loose, so why not do the same with your outfit? This is your chance to express yourself and experiment with trends you’ve been wanting to try. Don’t be afraid! Festivals are a no-judgement zone, so go bananas with all the fringe, boho prints and crochet crop tops your heart desires. From Boulevardia right here in Kansas City, to Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and everywhere in between, Legends has everything you need to get festival ready.


Easy Breezy: Stay comfy and chic from the first set to the encore in this outfit from Francesca’s. Pair a bralette or crop tank with light, flowing palazzo pants, made with breathable fabric perfect for hot days and breezy nights. We’re all about finding versatile pieces you can wear season after season. Wear the bralette under overalls or with high-waisted shorts, and style the palazzo pants with a chunky sweater in autumn! Keep the sun out of your eyes with a pair of statement sunglasses and beachy straw hat.






Colorful Crochet: This look from American Eagle is the ultimate summer trend! It’s slightly bohemian, slightly 70’s and 100 percent festival perfection. Pair this colorful crochet halter top with paperbag denim shorts for an outfit as comfy as it is a statement. Store all your festival necessities in a woven straw shoulder bag, the IT bag of the season (and a versatile wardrobe staple). Add some fringe slides, and you’re good to go!







Rust Paradise: Forever 21 is a festival-goers paradise. From playful rompers to colorful bandannas, rainbow straw bags and vibrant shades, Forever 21 has you covered on this season’s most adventurous trends without breaking the bank. Keep cool in this rust halter mini-dress, equal parts comfy, stylish and timeless. Throw your hair up in a patterned scarf to add some fun to your look and keep your strands out of your face while cheering for your favorite band. Jump to the beat and dance the day away without thinking twice in a pair of strappy bohemian sandals. And, keep all your valuables safe in this summery straw backpack, which is sure to become your go-to bag all season!

Hannah Vance Kicks Off Summer With A Shopping Spre...


Released 5/22/19

Local influencer, @_hannahvance, recently visited the center for a shopping trip. Hannah visited all of her favorite stores, including Banana Republic Factory, H&M, J. Crew Factory and Levi’s Outlet Store. Looking to add to basics to her wardrobe, Hannah was on the hunt for pieces she could use for her spring and summer outfits. Plus, she saved on all of her purchases since her favorite stores are outlets. Follow her for more fashion finds!

📷: Hannah Vance

Tips for Outfitting Your Grad


Released 5/15/19


Graduation season is in full swing, and it’s a great time of year to update your style for all the photo ops, parties, and fun! Here are our top three tips for outfitting your grad, plus our favorite looks for the festivities!

  1. Wearability: Consider styles you can re-wear after the big day and get more bang for your buck, especially if you’re considering a suit or a statement piece. These will serve you well post-grad!
  2. Timelessness: Graduation is a day full of photo ops. Be true to your style but consider choices that you can be proud of after the flash!
  3. Neutrals: Many graduation caps and gowns are white. Consider a mellow print or a neutral hue (majorly in style this spring anyway!) that won’t clash with your school colors or show through your thin robe.


Austin is sporting some serious suiting, all compliments of Brooks Brothers Factory Store. For guys, graduation is an excellent opportunity to grab some investment pieces that they will wear for years to come. We opted for a lightweight suit in a classic navy color and white oxford shirt. For some fun, we added trendy salmon colored accessories, including the age-old Brooks Brothers signature “Rep” striped tie, a cheery floral pocket square, and striped socks. A cognac Brooks Brothers belt and matching oxford loafers by Steve Madden from Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse tie the look together. For graduation and beyond, visit Brooks Brothers for expert styling and ready-to-wear looks that look ultra tailored for more than half off retail prices!


Taylor is staying neutral with her graduation look–a suggestion we make for all grads who may be wearing a white or light-colored cap and gown this season. We loved this tiered white dress from Francesca’s, featuring a modest trapeze neckline, cinched natural waist, and a beautiful lace racerback. Accessories are abound at Francesca’s, and we had no trouble picking out lots of beautiful, neutral sparkles to dress up this look, including a trendy fringe necklace with matching earrings, and an arm party with beads and crystals. For footwear, we opted for a low ankle strap sandal by Steve Madden from Off Broadway, which is in style but classic, completing an outfit that will stand the test of time in all the photo ops graduation provides!


Jada’s laidback look features an of-the-moment seersucker apron dress from J. Crew Factory. We love the striping and square neckline for a chic yet casual look for middle school graduation, or for attending older siblings’ big day events. We added personality to Jada’s graduation look with some trendy mustard yellow Franco Sarto platform espadrilles from Off Broadway and trendy matching tassel earrings from Francesca’s. A gold tone metallic fringe necklace adds some edgy flair and is just one more way you can add style to your cap and gown look!


Parker is keeping it casual for graduation, wearing this season’s guy staples: tailored skinny fit chinos and a short-sleeve button-down shirt. We got these from American Eagle Outfitters, where there are tons of colorways for both pieces and the sizes start extra small for tween kids. This button-down features a preppy polka dot pattern, but options range from basic to beachy right now, and it’s a perfect shirt to wear all summer by adding a graphic tee and leaving it unbuttoned after graduation. A pair of navy blue leather Steve Madden oxford sneakers provide a put together vibe while outfitting Parker to play after the festivities!


So, whether you’re a graduate or just in it for the mints and cake, take a quick trip to Legends Outlets to outfit your whole family for the season!






Released 4/17/19


Easter is on its way, and we are here for the springy styles adorning the racks at Legends Outlets. Add to that the warming temperatures, and we were excited to do some outdoor shopping! We went on a mission to find versatile looks for all the kids in your family for a weekend full of family, fun, fellowship … and sweet treats!



Mia is wearing a dress from Carter’s in this spring’s new color, sweet mustardy yellow. We have been loving this color for fall and are so excited to see its appearance as a warm spring tone! The fresh floral print is everywhere this spring and isn’t going anywhere so feel free to get all the blooms! Spaghetti straps and ruffle details make this sweet sundress a great transitional piece along with her white strappy and braided Nina sandals from Off Broadway Shoes. Consider layering this look with a white cardigan for your Easter events, then, enjoy the breezy vibe of this carefree dress outfit all summer!



Bentley is wearing a signature spring look: crisp chinos and a preppy piqué polo shirt. While options abound, we chose these from Crewcuts at J. Crew Factory, because we loved the quality and the huge assortment of fun, springy pastels, including this beautiful sea foam green one with a cool emoji on the chest. For maximum egg hunting speed, opt for a dressed up version of a traditional sneaker like these caramel leather high-top Sprox shoes from Off Broadway Shoes.



Sophia is wearing a romantic tiered peasant dress from Justice. We fell in love with this dress right away because of its on-trend details that we can’t get enough of this spring, including fluttery sleeves, eyelet details and midi length. While we were at Justice, we had trouble picking our favorite shoe from all the chic options for teens and tweens but decided on this minimalist sandal featuring rose gold vamp strap and a cognac ankle strap. Sophia can dress this look up or down this summer, but we personally would love to see her style it in the latest western trend by adding a belt, boots and denim jacket this fall!



Cayo’s Easter look is another classic. His outfit came from Gap Outlet and includes a fresh oxford button-down in yellow and blue plaid (but there are TONS of variations if you’re looking for a special color scheme) and navy chinos in a modern skinny fit. We spiced up this traditional outfit with the latest trend in guys’ footwear: the updated athleisure loafer. We nabbed these at Off Broadway Shoes — we love the perforated detailing on the rich brown leather and the refreshed look of the white midsole. For your casual dude, there are a lot of cool options in this design at Off Broadway Shoes for every price point.


So, what are you waiting for? Hop on out to Legends Outlets, soak up some sun, and outfit the family at great prices for this upcoming Instagram-worthy holiday weekend!



Spring Break Style for the Whole Family


Released 3/18/19


Whether you’re hitting the road, taking to the skies, or just staying put, spring break 2019 is here and it’s a great opportunity to give your look a tropical upgrade! With warmer weather and longer days on the way, we put together some travel-worthy looks for the whole family–even if that just means adding a little fun to your staycation style. This year, our favorite spring break must-haves are centered around lots of layers, beach inspired prints, and tourist approved sneakers.



We went east-coast cool for Adam, choosing some prepster-inspired style from Crew Cuts at J. Crew Factory Outlet. Adam is sporting a fun crab t-shirt and some easy, breezy chambray shorts. We layered on a navy and white gingham button-down shirt to add extra style and even a bit of warmth for the early spring weather. While we were admiring the huge assortment of graphic tees and oxford shirt combos, we also grabbed a cool pair of lucite shades with mirrored lenses. To complete the Nantucket vibe, we love these navy blue Sperry Topsiders from Off Broadway Shoes.



Forever 21 Red is one of our favorite stops to make when it comes to teen and tween trendspotting. It’s always a safe spot to try out new clothes while our fashion-forward youngsters are finding their personal styles–and growing like weeds in the meantime! We had no trouble outfitting Grace from head to toe at Forever 21 Red this spring break. We started with a soft and stretchy jersey knit bodysuit in a totally tropical print. Then we layered on a medium-wash denim mini skirt (which is making a big comeback right now) and a soft and worn-in bubble gum pink hoodie. And, what vacation look is complete without a fanny pack!? This one features mermaid sequins and looks great paired with some oversize tortoise shell palm-leaf earrings and chic blue lucite square-frame sunnies. For maximum adventure, we finished off Grace’s look with a trendy mint-colored, checkered slip-on sneaker by Vans from Off Broadway Shoes. 


Dad style remains “in” and it’s getting better-and more adventurous-by the minute! Jesse’s look is made possible by the perfectly suited wall of vacation print button-downs we fell in love with at the Express Outlet. We opted for a chilled-out look, featuring a white shirt with blue line art palm trees and a broken-in heather baby-blue t-shirt underneath, but we wouldn’t shy away from the louder more tropical prints they have! We also loved the functional khaki-colored cut-off chinos at Express, and some Wayfarer-inspired mirrored lenses we found there as well. Jesse’s holiday footwear is a cool white Nike slip-on sneaker from Off Broadway, making long walks on the beach or boardwalk a breeze during any vacation.



Everyone’s favorite floral maxi dress isn’t going anywhere and we are pretty happy about it. Jessica’s spring break look centers around this lush colored tropical print maxi dress from the Express Outlet. With important updates to the standard maxi dress, hers features an asymmetrical hem and off-the-shoulder neckline. We wrapped her in a super soft pashmina from J. Crew Factory Outlet for a layer of warmth and sophistication. We accessorized with some of the latest trends from Forever 21 Red, including oversized blush tortoise shell earrings and this summer’s staple, the basket bag (chic enough for date night, but big enough for toting home souvenirs). Franco Sarto high-heeled Havana sandals give her outfit a polished air, but we wouldn’t hesitate to pair flat slides or sandals with this dress, or even try the latest look: pairing a well-worn sneaker with this otherwise feminine outfit!


No matter where your spring break takes you, be sure to stop in and check out all the holiday-ready style and the great deals at Legends Outlets this spring!




Top 5 Must-Haves for Spring Break


Released 3/11/19

Legends Outlets’ pro stylist Sarah H. recently stopped by the center to shop for some spring break must-haves. Keep reading to find out her top picks! 


Sarah’s Picks: Top 5 Must-Haves for Spring Break


A springy sweater you can live in …

I immediately fell in love with this sweet, blushy oh-so-soft sweater with a scalloped hem at J. Crew Factory Outlet. When I saw it I knew I had to have it for my spring wardrobe because it fits all the requirements for this important time of year. Whether you’re packing for a trip or upgrading your staycation wardrobe, a sweater like this is worth its weight in gold because it provides a cozy warm layer when you need it, but a soft and light look that won’t weigh down your spring break style. This warm dusty blush color is this season’s hottest neutral and you’ll find yourself relying on it for the rest of the year, I promise! I bought mine true to size but consider sizing up for a looser layered look or down to make this a sweet simple top.

Pro tip: while you’re at J. Crew, check out their new selection of easy summer slides. With the comfort of everyday sandals, but the put-together vibe you love about J. Crew, there’s not a better staple sandal this year.


A good book you can get lost in … 

I’m currently reading The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah, but I’m developing quite a reading list for the spring and summer months and I started it simply by popping in to Books-A-Million and visiting their best sellers section. Whether you’re a bookworm and know just what you’re looking for or if you’re wandering the aisles looking for inspiration, make it a priority to stop in and grab yourself (and your family!) a great book to read this spring break. Kids will love a huge variety of anime, graphic novels and good-fit titles they can power through no matter how long their vacation is. Adults will love the thoughtfully organized rows featuring thousands of titles. My favorite is the best seller section, located front and center where picking up the latest title is quick and easy.

Pro tip: while you’re at Books-A-Million, check out the beautiful selection of journals and consider starting a fun travel journal with your family or a gratitude journal while you’re spending time having fun with your loved ones this season!


An exotic accessory you can wear no matter the weather …

This spring, I can’t get enough of these exotics-inspired drop earrings. Featuring materials like tortoise shell, wicker, mother of pearl, marble, gold tones, rattan, sea shells, and more, my favorite way to add some vacation to my staycation look is right here. I’m loving mine because they are a super cost effective way to add some beach vibes to your wardrobe and you can do it without freezing … for those of us who are staying in the Midwest this spring break, that is. If you’re headed out of this time zone, be sure to stop by Forever 21 Red where I found a literal wall of beautiful earring options –most of which are under $10!

Pro tip: use your ear flair as an excuse to rock this season’s other signature look–a low messy pony. Located right next to the earrings and sunglasses, F21 Red also has a great assortment of scrunchies and hair scarves to pull your hair back in style and show off your tropical-loving lobes!


A perfect product you can style with on-the-go … 

Even if you’re not headed to the beach this spring break, nothing is hotter than a head of beachy waves to welcome warmer weather! One of my favorites is Bumble and bumble’s Surf Infusion oil-infused conditioning sea salt spray from Beauty Brands. (Bonus points for the convenient travel-sized bottles available!) Fair warning: after a few days on vacation, spritzing this moisturizing and protectant texturizing spray into your hair, you’ll want to run out to Legends to buy a full-size bottle to use all year! For a legit beach look, I like to spray generously on towel-dry hair and let my locks do their thing while they air dry. If you’re pressed for time, a cool blow dryer mimics ocean wind nicely. Bumble and bumble’s mineral complex enhances your hair’s natural texture and their UV filters protect against sun damage whether you’re on the beach or on the streets this spring break.

Pro tip: while you’re at Beauty Brands don’t forget to stock up on their amazing lines of cruelty free and responsibly sourced SPFs and self-tanners to keep your body happy and healthy on vacation!


And last but not least …


A great bag you can put it all in …

Basket bags abound this spring season so you won’t have trouble finding one that fits your spring break plans, but this cute straw blush color block one from Old Navy is about as good as it gets! I loved the price point (on sale for $20 when I was there!) and I loved the color options. I obviously went with the blush straw tote (see my pink love above) but the navy and beige option was super chic too. Wherever you find your straw bag and wherever you take it, rest assured you’re carrying one of this spring and summer’s hottest bags that will take you from hammock to happy hour seamlessly.

Pro tip: while you’re at Old Navy, stock up on smaller zippered pouches that allow you to keep all your small items, cosmetics, wallets and electronics organized and safe from the occasional splash inside your new go-everywhere bag!





Released 2/14/19

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a great time of the year to embrace rosy hues and signature looks, whether you’re handing out valentines at school or hitting the town with your honey. And just because the holiday has come and gone all-to-quickly, it doesn’t mean you can’t sport a look you love all year long! We braved the cold at Legends Outlets to find some hot style for the occasion.


For a professional look with a nod to the most romantic holiday of the year, Katie wore a super soft, warm blush sweater from H&M, black skinny jeans, and classic black suede pumps that help her transition from the office to happy hour any day of the week. Pile on the jewels or an on-trend hoop earring to add some polished glamour.


Brayden’s look centered around a preppy quarter-zip sweater featuring sporty stripes on the sleeves, a slim-fit black denim from Carters and classic shell-toe Adidas sneakers from Off Broadway shoes. This put-together look can work for holidays and for casual school dances and functions for Brayden!


Sarah’s romantic date night look showed off a flirty yet sophisticated charm with high-end style. Her Kate Spade dress features a trendy modest neckline, topped with the season’s hottest neutral–a blush pink pea coat with a sweet vintage bow detail at the collar. A boxy  nude Kate Spade handbag works for both day and night, especially when paired with strappy sandals with a trendy thick heel from Off Broadway Shoes.


The love doesn’t stop with Valentine’s Day! We fell for a fun red sweater with pink sequins in the shape of a heart at H&M. We added some edge to Gracie’s look with a faux leather jacket, cool grey denim, and retro-inspired black sneakers, all from H&M. Gracie can rock this hip and edgy look all school year!

Keep the Valentine’s Day spirit alive all month when you warm up with retailers like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Books-A-Million, Francesca’s and H&M for tons of options for your sweetheart, kiddos or Galentines!

“aisles of red and gold…CHIEFS KINGDOM”


Released 1/25/19

Legends Outlets retailers showed up in a big way for the Chiefs during their playoffs performance, with aisles of red and gold licensed apparel and “Chiefs Kingdom” banners hanging next to some of the biggest brands in the world.


While their season may be over, we are keeping hometown pride alive and showing off a few of our fashion MVPs from the post-season. #SuperBowl2020!



We loved this work-hard/play-hard look for Kinsley! She is wearing cropped Nike leggings from the Nike Outlet and a basic grey undershirt like the ones filling the shelves at Justice and Old Navy outlets. On top, we layered a fun cropped mini-jersey we found at Sportibles that features authentic shiny mesh with a black glittery Chiefs logo on the chest. Whether she’s making plays or cheering on her team, her look is on point!



Dane’s look works at school or at your next watch party. We kept him in his daily denim, like the dynamite selection they have at Crazy 8 and the Gap Outlet this season. Then we layered on a mock-neck thermal Nike dri-fit  long sleeve performance tee from the Nike Outlet and a full-zip licensed Chiefs hoodie from Sportibles. To top off his look and carry his team pride throughout the year, we found an awesome adjustable size baseball cap with a vintage Arrowhead logo at Lids. While we were there we also admired the TONS of headwear options, like toddler and youth sizes, as well as trendy tone-on-tone flat-bill snapbacks.



In true fashion, Hannah is keeping her hometown pride lowkey with on-trend fashion pieces and a subtle nod to her home team’s latest fave – Patrick Mahomes! We found a cute screen printed raglan tee at Sportibles, where we are loving the huge assortment of Chiefs apparel which isn’t limited to traditional logo hoodies! Also at Sportables was a ton of cool headwear choices. We snagged this trendy beanie there because we were into the more fashion-forward color palette and can’t get enough of the pom-pom details this winter. Hannah’s look is completed with some distressed denim and a cute wedged sneaker.



Whether you’re just not that into athletics or your moral support is more about making the snacks for the big game, Sarah understands. For her Chief’s look, she went with a striped mustard-colored layering tee under a super soft, bright red, chenille mock-neck red sweater. These pieces are from Old Navy and the options are limitless when it comes to these two hot colors this season! Black skinny jeans complete the casual vibe and you can find those at the Banana Republic or J. Crew outlets. A pair of trendy tassel earrings add to the fashion-forward approach to her gameday outfit and a pair of retro Nike Cortez sneakers (like the ones they have on sale at the Nike Outlet!) give her look an athleisure vibe.


PRO TIP: Keep the faith alive and start shopping for your 2019-2020 season looks now while stores start marking down football season apparel and accessories in preparation for new spring merchandise! You’ll be glad you did when we cheer our Chiefs on to Super Bowl L.I.V. 2020!

Easy Holiday Outfits for the Kids


Released 12/21/18

From family functions to New Year’s Eve celebrations, there’s still time to save on holiday styles for the kids at Legends Outlets! We sent legendary stylist Sarah Hagler to Gymboree Outlet, H&M and OshKosh B’Gosh/Carter’s to scout the best styles for the season, and put together three different looks for models Reece, Kinsely and Dane. Here’s what she found:

Festive Preppy

Dane is ready for a family Christmas celebration in this fun holiday outfit. We paired his festive sweater with some beautiful red chinos from H&M. To add another component to his look, we layered a plain white button-up shirt under his sweater, which we picked up from OshKosh B’Gosh/Carter’s – a great place to shop for easy and classic basics! For the shoes, we wanted to go with something a little bit nicer than sneakers, so we scored these brown boots from H&M, and he loved them!

Classic Colors

For Reece’s look, we opted for a classic color palette pairing a plaid tartan dress with gold sparkly tights from H&M – an outfit she can easily wear to church with the family. We also picked up some adorable ballet flats from H&M to match her cute red bow for an extra pop of holiday spirit. This look is great because it offers different layers and transitional pieces that can be worn over and over again, like the white fur vest we also found at H&M. Reece can throw it on with jeans and wear it to school all winter long!

Fun Sparkle

We decided that Kinsely is ready for a New Year’s Eve party in this sparkly style! We scored her gray sweater, blue sparkly skirt and silver handbag at Gymboree Outlet for a steal! And because you can’t have enough sparkle on New Year’s Eve, we paired her festive outfit with silver tights from H&M and fun shimmery booties from OshKosh B’Gosh/Carter’s. In this outfit, Kinsely is definitely ready to welcome the New Year in style!

Like what you see? Come visit us this holiday season to score these styles and more!


True Religion is opening Oct. 5


Released 9/19/18

Legends Outlets is expanding its selection of premium clothing stores with the addition of Kansas City’s first and only-area True Religion. The designer denim brand is slated to open its 3,375-square-foot location on Friday, Oct. 5, at 1829 Village West Parkway, Suite T-115. A grand opening celebration will take place on Saturday, Oct. 6.

Known for bold styles designed to stand out, True Religion will carry a wide selection of signature premium denim, along with hand-picked styles for men and women. At the new True Religion store, shoppers can expect exceptional daily deals and great customer service from a knowledgeable sales staff.

Grand Opening Details

True Religion will celebrate its new, Legends Outlets location with a grand opening event on Saturday, Oct. 6, from 2-7 p.m. The celebration will feature an in-store DJ and give shoppers the chance to win prizes by spinning the mystery prize wheel with every $150 purchase*.

True Religion serves customers all over the world with its fresh denim finds on the go. For more information about True Religion, please visit www.TrueReligion.com.

*While supplies last.



Released 9/6/18

We took a cue from ready-to-wear runway shows this fall and went shopping to add a few key transitional pieces to our wardrobes for the fall that’s approaching fast. Here’s what we found …

Click here to watch stylist Sarah Hagler break down the outfits on Kansas City Live, or continue reading below!


Animal print is everywhere. If you’re not feeling bold enough to go for the zebra stripe just yet, start simple with a neutral-hued leopard print top like this super-soft chunky sweater we found for Sarah at Kate Spade Outlet. Its super soft texture and roll-neck design make it cozy, while three-quarter sleeves and trendy boxy shape give it movement and breath-ability for the Midwest’s crazy fall weather swings! A great way to tone down the busy print is to pair it with black denim (we chose these raw edge, distressed crops from Francesca’s.) To kick the look up a notch, we matched her sweater to her handbag with a leopard print and black leather mini backpack from Kate Spade Outlet, and a rich pair of burgundy suede mule loafers we picked up at Off Broadway Shoes. 


Western wear is all the rage right now and the best part is that the trend touches so many parts of fashion, you can incorporate as little or as much as you want! We went low-key cowboy with Sammy’s look, sticking with subtle hints of this classic trend. We centered her look around a terra cotta colored prairie dress. We loved this one we found at Francesca’s for its flowy midi-length construction, pockets, sashed waist, button-front details and beautiful floral embroidery at the shoulders – all characteristics to look for in a whimsical, western-inspired piece to enjoy all season. We topped off her look with a floppy hat from Banana Republic Factory, some brown leather booties from Off Broadway Shoes (bonus points for the strap and buckle details), and a rich wine colored purse from Francesca’s featuring a popular wicker canteen design.


Modesty dressing is an actual thing, so get used to higher necklines and longer hemlines with this season’s hottest looks. On top of that, floral is still going strong with darker hues for fall, so we couldn’t say no to this darling dress from Kate Spade Outlet, featuring a high neck and ruffled midi hemline. This dress is sleeveless, so we gave Rebecca an extra layer for the cooler weather, with an ultra chic olive-colored suede moto jacket from Banana Republic Factory to add some edge. Completing the look, a tough combat boot from Off Broadway Shoes makes this outfit work for day or night in any weather – adding cool factor with the very popular shoe design.

Michael Kors is open


Released 6/28/18

Michael Kors outlet arrives at Legends Outlets on Thursday, June 28, at 10 a.m., with the grand opening of its 5,400-square-foot location at 1847 Village West Parkway Suite K-121. The first and only-area outlet location will carry a large selection of women’s products, including ready-to-wear styles, shoes, handbags, and small leather goods from the Michael Kors Outlet label. Watches, eyewear and fragrances will also be available. To celebrate its grand opening, Michael Kors outlet will offer 70 percent off handbags and wallets*.


*Some exclusions may apply. See store for details.

Summer Shoe Trends


Released 6/6/18

Summer is here and so are some serious footwear moments we want to share with you! Trends are happening across the spectrum from sneakers to stilettos and this year, they’re easier than ever to get into. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


Great news for you high-heel haters: the biggest trend we are seeing this summer revolves around athletic shoes! Journeys knows where it’s at with this trend and we grabbed the following sneakers there to highlight the biggest looks …


First up, look for the “futuristic sneaker” everywhere this summer. This features a sock-style body, reflective colors, sleek designs, and minimal laces or closures. We got these Pumas at Journeys and would love to pair them with a sleek jogger pant and racerback tank with strappy details.


Next up is the bold color in your retro-inspired sneaker. These New Balance 998s feature a classic body style with suede construction in a sweet berry color. We’d pair these Journey jewels with a fun midi dress in a floral print to really make that purple pop!


Also hot this summer is cool pastels. These baby blue Adidas sneakers are from Journeys too and feature a feminine coral logo on the tongue and would look great with a cropped straight leg light-wash distressed denim pant and a breezy linen button down.


Onto the opposite end of the spectrum are the highest of heels, which are sticking around another season to show off your pedicure! We picked these up at Off Broadway Shoes and are loving the variety we saw there. We are focusing on three of our favorite trends for this season …


Plastic. Yes, plastic! These Bebe stilettos feature shiny clear plastic straps and an ultra high heel. Save these saucy numbers for a night out and pair them with a short dress to make your legs look a mile long.


Ruffles. The feminine flair of a blush colored suede ruffle-toe stiletto will always be romantic to us. Dress these Mark Fishers up with a day dress for your best friend’s wedding or dress them down with a distressed boyfriend jean for a flirty, laid back look at brunch or dinner.


Florals. You can’t go wrong with florals this season. We love the cheery print on these Michael Shannon stilettos, and the dainty ankle strap is positively dreamy. Make these your statement shoe with a little black dress or dress them down like the ruffled heels for a cool juxtaposition of vibes on a night out on the town.


We can’t do vacations and pool parties without flats, so here are our favorite trends in the middle of the shoe spectrum for you …


Birkenstock is enjoying its full-fledged comeback, but we wanted to find a more original style so we opted for these earthy, laid back slides from Dolce Vita at Off Broadway Shoes. The hemp wrapped midsole and the contrast stitching make these the perfect casual slide for all your summer looks – from a sun dress to shorts.


Also giving us lowkey hippie vibes we love are these Michael Shannon sandals featuring the popular toe-ring style and a minimalist black leather band. These boho sandals are made for tourist jaunts and chill picnic scenes with any shorts and tank tops you pair them with!


Step up your flats game this summer with an embellished mule. These Zigi Soho mules feature a plush velvet outer, studded with chunky pearls and crystals. We loved this pair because they could be a great transitional shoe between the seasons and could also work for business or party style outfits!


Add a little summer flair to your closed-toed look with these Restricted d’orsay flats, featuring a distressed linen upper and a super fun fruit print. We’d love to see these cheeky pineapples with an otherwise business-casual outfit or with a tailored pair of high waisted shorts.


Last but certainly not least is one of the biggest shoe trends of the year – kitten heels! We are loving kittens because they add a nice lifted, dressed up look to any outfit, but are functional and have a chic shape.


We took the kitten heel and added a fresh pop of color to these open toed sandals. They feature a cute tie detail around the ankle for added fun. We’d pair these with culottes and a chambray shirt for an airy, preppy look.


Since it’s wedding season we also wanted to include a dressy option and went straight for Vince Camuto kitten heels at Off Broadway Shoes. These slingback suede mini-pumps feature a super sleek and vintage design with a deep vee at the vamp to elongate your leg and add some drama to your look. Pair these with any LBD for weddings or with a tailored cropped pant and high-low button down blouse for a retro vibe.

Passport to Style coming June 7


Released 5/18/18

Join Legends Outlets and local style influencers for a night of shopping, savings, sips and snacks! Check in starts at 4pm in the Center Courtyard near Sunglass Hut (1843 Village West Parkway, Suite C-103), where you’ll receive a style passport featuring special, one-night only discounts to the following stores: Beauty Brands, J.Crew Factory, Banana Republic Factory Store, H&M, Nike Factory, Francesca’s and Maurices.

Enjoy complimentary sips and snacks provided by Yard House, Chiusano’s Brick Oven Pizzeria and The Dapper Doughnut in between stops as you meet the influencers and get one-on-one fashion & beauty advice. Plus, enjoy live, strolling entertainment featuring Miguel from the band Run With It, and enter to win giveaways throughout the night, including VIP goody bags stocked with prizes for 50 lucky shoppers!

Tickets are just $10, available for purchase online here.

Influencers for the event will include:
Shelby Ditch, Shelby Ditch Blog
Sheina Fernandes, Sheina Fernandes Blog
Pam Carper, Sideofglam
Mika Jade, Layers and Lipstick
Annie Austen, The Austen Adventures
Sarah Jean Hagler, Professional Stylist

What to Wear: Spring Transitional Fashion


Released 3/5/18

It may still be a little chilly but we are feeling the vibes of the upcoming iconic transitional season in the air. Thanks to finicky midwest late winters and early springs, the secret to having a stylish look for the season is LAYERS. We grabbed a few fresh new pieces to help you spring forward in style!


Astrid is showing off so many new looks for the year, taking cues from runway shows with her trench, flowing skirt and variety of pastels. We built her look on a beautiful midi length pleated skirt from Ann Taylor Factory, which features a sophisticated ribbon waist and vertical stripes in the season’s favorite colors: soft coral, steely blue, cream, navy and earthy chartreuse. Following up on a recent trend, we mixed her pinks with a super soft, lightweight, boat neck pink sweater from H&M and a Banana Republic Factory Classic Trench in pink. An open-toed perforated high-heeled shootie with lace detailing on the shaft serves as the perfect transitional shoe for the season – providing structure plus a peep-toe to show off your early spring pedicure. We topped off Astrid’s look by piling on shiny accessories from franscesca’s Outlet including a sparkly cocktail necklace with pink, white and blue stones and a light blue crystal beaded lariat necklace with trendy gold fringe. Oversized rose quartz stud earrings complete the look.


Sammy is freshening up a classic look with this season’s staples. We started with a basic skinny jean from Gap Factory and topped it with a crisp oxford featuring a springy sea green stripe from H&M. Spring is a great time to use your blazer as a jacket, so we did just that with the iconic Schoolboy Blazer from J.Crew Factory. With brass button detailing and timeless navy cotton construction, this will be a jacket you wear all year long! To incorporate the season’s obsession with florals, we found a beautiful, gauzy watercolor inspired scarf from H&M. This not only adds style to a basic look, but also doubles as some warmth for chilly spring mornings. (Bonus tip: scarves and accessories are an easy, affordable way to add trendy accents to your existing wardrobe. Here, we incorporated a big upcoming trend, yellow, with florals in one inexpensive piece!) We rounded out Sammy’s preppy look with a stoney blue tassel loafer from J. Crew Factory – an excellent source for all the coolest menswear inspired footwear for ladies this season, including d’orsay flats, penny-loafer inspired mules, and multiple color options in the tassel loafer. A pair of cool colored tortoise shell shades in a modern round shape with mirrored lenses means she’s ready for the sun to shine!

Our advice: Take advantage of the warmer days and pick up a few signature spring items to freshen up your wardrobe at Legends Outlets! By adding a few key pieces to your wardrobe, you can welcome the warm weather with open arms!

H&M opens Nov. 16


Released 11/6/17

The long-awaited H&M store arrives at Legends Outlets on Nov. 16 at 12 p.m. with the grand opening of its 25,025-square-foot location at 1803 Village West Parkway, Suite M-103.

The first 300 shoppers in line when the store opens at noon will receive an H&M Access to Fashion Pass valued between $10 and $300. Additionally, shoppers who donate a bag of unwanted clothes may enter to win a gift card valued at up to $500. H&M will collect donations from shoppers waiting in line starting at approximately 10 a.m. The winner will be announced at approximately 12:15pm.

The new H&M location will offer Kansas City residents a one-stop shopping destination for quality clothing featuring collections for ladies and men, with a separate “shop in shop” section for accessories. The Legends Outlets location will also carry the H&M Kids collection for newborns to children ages 14 years old.


Fall Boot & Coat Trends


Released 11/3/17

The days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the air. For us that only means one thing … time to layer on the stylish jackets and chic boots for fall!


Astrid is ready for a fall sporting event or hitting the sidewalks for some serious holiday shopping in her comfy yet cute look. We love this puffy coat by Guess we found at Wilson’s Leather because of its versatile shape with this year’s stand-out color trend: rose gold. The removable fur-trimmed hood, shimmering finish, and high-quality quilted detailing make this a grown-up version of your favorite outdoor gear. We topped off her casual look with a suede ballcap, also from Wilson’s. Dark-wash skinny jeans from Gap Outlet and a funky, lace-up combat boot from Off Broadway Shoes give her style that will travel with her through this busy time of year.


Anna is doubling up on this season’s jacket trends with a leather trench coat by Calvin Klein from Wilson’s Leather. The double-breasted lapel and waist-cinching belt are hallmarks of this classic jacket, but the sheen of leather gives this look an undeniable edge that we took to the next level with distressed dark-wash denim skinny jeans from Gap Outlet. We finished her night-out-worthy look with ankle booties featuring a side zipper and a chunky stacked heel from Off Broadway Shoes.


Sammy is wearing a very 2017 version of the classic peacoat, with the addition of shiny gold double-breasted buttons and gleaming gold-zippered pockets. The season’s favorite color, burgundy, also updates the traditional cut with a soft, boucle texture. We dressed up her look with black denim from Gap Outlet tucked into super chic over-the-knee (OTK) suede boots from Off Broadway Shoes. Everyone’s favorite OTK boot got an update with this pair, featuring a luxe, mirrored gold accent on a thick heel.


Sarah, our stylist, got in on the fun with some super fashionable velvet sock boots from Off Broadway Shoes. There are a ton of varieties of this fall’s biggest velvet boot trend, from basic black to exciting pops of color, to the ultra-trendy floral print that Sarah is wearing. The block heel and slight platform provide the right amount of lift for a holiday party or fashionable night out.

Whether you’re feeling the black boot vibes like we were, or looking for a warm brown or cool neutral, this season calls for all-things boots! And, you won’t have trouble finding the shape, color and style that suits you when you shop at Legends Outlets. The same goes for outerwear too! With a ton of variety at low prices, you can have a coat for every day of the week this fall!

Halloween Outfits That Work All Year


Released 10/27/17

Halloween is coming soon but don’t be scared! Legends Outlets is your one-stop shop for on-trend costume staples that will work in your wardrobe all year long. Legendary stylist Sarah Hagler stopped by Charming Charlie, Francesca’s Outlet, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, Wilson’s Leather Outlet, Old Navy Outlet, Banana Republic Factory Store and J.Crew Factory to put together these last minute Halloween looks for less.

Click here to watch the entire TV segment on Kansas City Live, or continue reading below!

Astrid is rocking the year’s biggest denim trend: a fresh take on overalls! These light wash overalls from Francesca’s Outlet feature brass button detailing up the front that updates her timeless workwear. We layered on a cute flannel button-down, and a versatile utility field jacket from Old Navy Outlet to keep her warm on chilly Midwest nights. Cognac colored booties from Off Broadway tie together the rural look, along with a straw Safari hat with coordinating band from Charming Charlie. For added character, we painted on rosy pink scarecrow cheeks, and a cute brown nose.

What’s Halloween without a witch? Anna’s versatile LBD makes the perfect base for this eerie look. She is wearing a three-quarter length bell sleeve shift dress from Banana Republic Factory Store that features a raw lace edge, providing a subtle goth look for Halloween, but a classic detail for future special events and holiday parties this winter. We completed her look with an edgy, open-toe velvet bootie and wide-brim floppy hat from Off Broadway, and a funky geometric pendant necklace and furry clutch from Charming Charlie. To enhance her look, we gave Anna a moody purple smokey shadow and subtle cat eye-lined lids.

Walking Dead fans, rejoice! Your Halloween costume couldn’t be easier – or warmer! We stuck with a neutral color palette for Caleb’s outfit, which includes chinos and a tech vest, plus a dual-layered knit hood and rugged canvas jacket from Wilson’s Leather. We added to his look with tough brown combat boots from Off Broadway, which include a two-tone brown leather and nubuck upper, and a cool zipper accent up the side. For this look, it’s all about survivalist style, so you can’t go wrong with lots of layers! We finished Caleb’s style off with blue-ish hued eye sockets for an extra-creepy zombie vibe.

By getting creative with your shopping, you can make an easy, affordable Halloween costume out of the latest trends like we did. Show us your Legends Outlets Halloween ensembles using #LegendsKC.

Back-to-School Fashion for Students of All Ages


Released 8/11/17

Summer is wrapping up and before we know it, kids will be back in school! If you’re feeling like you are running out of time to get everyone outfitted for the new year, don’t panic: Legends Outlets is a one-stop shop for back-to-school needs for every age!

Click here to watch legendary stylist Sarah Hagler break down each look on Kansas City Live, or continue reading below!

Grade School
While there are tons of cute options at Legends Outlets, we found the majority of Joey’s look at Crazy 8 – with easy outfits and great deals, this stop is a no-brainer for back-to-school shopping! Joey is rocking a vintage look in some straight-leg denim, a navy buffalo checkered button-down, as well as an ultra-hip cardigan – all pieces that can be layered to last through the fall! Highlighted with shoes and accessories that help show off his personality at school, we completed Joey’s look with some cool Converse leather all-star sneakers from Off Broadway Shoes, and a Marvel Comics backpack from Old Navy Outlet.

We managed to outfit Alex almost head-to-toe in Justice – a major brand score for girls her age! Skinny jeans are a staple this year, as well as lots of layers to complete the transitional season’s look. We topped her Justice jeans with a white t-shirt featuring crochet detailing around the neck, a pink ombre button-down, and an embellished army jacket. Her pink suede boots and sequin lunchbox complete her stylish ensemble!

Middle School
Campbell is hanging on to summer with her mermaid color scheme and Sperry topsider loafers from Off Broadway Shoes. We topped off her skinny jeans with an aqua, blue, green and magenta print cotton top, both from Old Navy Outlet, along with a minty-aqua trench from Forever 21 | F21 Red. We also grabbed her a cheetah backpack at Old Navy Outlet to get into the print-mixing trend that’s happening right now.

High School
For a teen, getting the laid back high school vibe is easy to do by mixing high-quality basics. We dressed Carson in cargo shorts, a white t-shirt, and a red buffalo checkered button-down from J. Crew Factory | Crewcuts – an outfit he can put on repeat all year long, replacing the shorts with denim and throwing on jackets, sweaters and hoodies as the Midwest winter starts to kick in. For now, he is showing his black athletic socks like the kind you can grab at Nike Factory or Under Armour Factory House with a pair of cool Ralph Lauren sneakers from Off Broadway Shoes. We found a super functional, Kenneth Cole backpack for him at Wilson’s Leather, which adds a nice touch and helps elevate his casual look.

Legends Outlets has perfect options to let Adrienne go from class to her internship and everything in between on campus this fall. We opted for a structured olive green utility skirt with a cinched waist, a classic striped t-shirt and a denim blazer, all from J. Crew Factory. A chunky tortoise shell necklace, also from J. Crew Factory, dressed up the look to perfection. We balanced the greens and blues in her outfit with a warm blush backpack from Forever 21 | F21 Red. Her perforated blush athletic slip-ons from Off Broadway Shoes keeps the look casual and helps her get where she needs to go on time!

H&M to Arrive Fall 2017


Released 5/4/17

Kansas City’s signature outlet center is pleased to announce its newest fashion retailer, H&M, which plans to open its second Kansas location this fall at Legends Outlets. Joining more than 100 designer outlets, retail, dining and entertainment destinations at Legends Outlets, H&M offers shoppers a one-stop destination for quality clothing at affordable prices, with collections for men, women and children.

The new store will occupy a 25,025 square-foot retail space, across from Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store and Panera Bread, at 1803 Village West Parkway, Suite M-103, Kansas City, KS 66111. H&M is slated to open late October 2017.

As one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, H&M features clothing and quality at the best price and in a sustainable way for women, men, teenagers, children and the home. The selection includes everything from sparkling gala outfits and exclusive designer collaborations to everyday basics and high-performance yoga wear to help fashion fans across the globe dress their personal style.

For more information about H&M, visit: www.hm.com/us/.

Kansas City’s only area Vans Outlet is now open


Released 3/30/17

Vans, the original action sports footwear company, has opened its first Kansas City-area outlet store at Legends Outlets. Vans Outlet offers a variety of performance shoes, apparel and accessories for men, women and children.


Vans Outlet is located next to Finish Line and across from American Eagle Outfitters in a 4,002-square-foot retail space at 1837 Village West Parkway, Suite B-113, Kansas City, KS 66111. Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


For more information about Vans Outlet, visit www.vans.com or call (913) 334-9904.