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Looks Inspired by Your Favorite Shows


From their strong personalities to their witty catchlines, we all have a favorite TV character who not only puts on an Emmy-winning performance, but looks super stylish while doing it!

With that in mind, check out these seven outfits inspired by our favorite TV shows, perfect for date night.


When it comes to dressing like Yellowstone’s Rip Wheeler, all you need is a trusty pair of denim jeans and a jet-black hat to help herd the cattle and win over a country girl’s heart. Toss in a slick pair of black cowboy boots and you’ll fit the role of John Dutton’s right-hand man on and off the ranch.

1. Black Stitched Button-Down Shirt, Cavender’s
2. Black Cowboy Hat, Cavender’s
3. Light Wash Denim Jeans, Cavender’s
4. Black Cowboy Boots, Cavender’s


Beth Dutton Style

Beth Dutton from Yellowstone is the fiery powerhouse who turns heads in every room! You can always count on Beth holding a glass of whiskey, making business deals, or riding horseback, all while looking fierce and stylish. With a long floral dress, a warm fuzzy coat, and a pair of cowgirl boots, you’ll look as iconic as our favorite cowgirl in no time.

5. Green Fur Collared Coat, Francesca’s
6. Long Floral Print Ruddle Dress, Francesca’s
7. Silver Diamond Shaped Earrings, Cavender’s
8. Tan Cowgirl Boots, Cavender’s


The White Lotus

To put it simply, The White Lotus character Tanya’s style was nothing short of fabulous. Even if your “perfect day” happens to be in the Midwest, you can channel your inner Tanya with a flirty floral dress, then add a beautiful scarf and other colorful accessories. And just like Tanya, you’ll claim the title for Best Dressed no matter where your date night takes you!

9. Round Sunglasses, Francesca’s
10. Light Blue Trench Coat, Ann Taylor
11. Floral Long-Sleeve Dress, Ann Taylor
12. Scarf, Tory Burch
13. Bird-Printed Handbag, Tory Burch
14. Blue Floral Sandals, Tory Burch


Gossip Girl

If you ever wondered what it’s like to live a life of luxury in New York City, look to Blair Waldorf on the drama-filled show Gossip Girl. This headband guru can’t say no to a good scheme, designer bags, and the charismatic Chuck Bass. For Valentine’s Day, start your look with a cute two-toned dress. Add in some pearls and staple black flats, and you’ll be serving looks without the Upper-East-Side price tag!

15. Pearl Headband, Francesca’s
16. White and Black Heart Printed Dress, Kate Spade
17. Pearl Stud Earrings, Kate Spade
18. Pink Houndstooth Purse, Kate Spade
19. Black Point Toe Flats, Tory Burch

If you recognize this lacrosse star, you know he’s really good with the ladies and has effortlessly cool style! Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl is always dressed to impress with a freshly ironed collared shirt, a warm sweater, and dapper shoes!

20. Beige Long Sleeve Quarter Zip, Polo Ralph Lauren
21. Navy and White Printed Collared Shirt, Express
22. Khaki Pants, Polo Ralph Lauren
23. Brown Lace Dress Shoes, Express



Wednesday Addams is officially the queen of both monochrome and duochrome ensembles! We loved seeing the Wednesday star Jenna Ortega rock the preppy-meets-goth aesthetic with black monolith loafers, white Peter Pan collars, and all the black-and-white checkered pieces.

24. Peter Pan Collared Shirt, Hot Topic
25. Black and White Checkered Tunic, H&M
26. Black Faux Leather Skirt, Francesca’s
27. Black Clutch, Francesca’s
28. Black Monolith Loafers, Off Broadway


Emily in Paris

If you’re like us, you watch the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris not just for the story (and the handsome guys 😉) but for the FASHION, too! The marketing-savvy, go-getter from Chicago has had much to learn during her time in Paris. but the one thing she always gets right – her style, of course!  Take a page from Emily’s book and throw on an adorable, heart-print dress with some bold heels and accessories to complete this V-Day inspired look. With all these items available at Legends Outlets, you’ll look “tres chic” at a great price!

28. Earrings, Francesca’s
29. Heart-Print Dress, Francesca’s
30. Purse, Tory Burch
31. Pink Bow Heels, Express


Whether you dream of riding horses in Montana, eating croissants in Paris, or strutting the Upper East Side of New York, Legends Outlets has everything you need to help you radiate that main character energy from head to toe!



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