Ways to Wear Very Peri: The Color of 2022

1: Floral Cardigan, Hollister. 2: Hat, Forever 21. 3: Lip Gloss, Beauty Brands. 4: Sports Bra and Biker Shorts, Forever 21. 5: Shoulder Bag, Kate Spade. 6: Checkered Vans, Vans Outlet. 7: Jacket, Forever 21. 8: Nail Polish, Beauty Brands. 9: Flare Pants, Forever 21.


Searching for a fresh look for the new year? Lucky for you, Pantone has declared Veri Peri as the hue that’ll rule 2022! Is it purple? Is it blue? According to Pantone, the complex color is actually a “red violet infused blue that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.” We like the sound of that! So this year, don’t be afraid to step out of your color comfort zone and into a shade of this “happy periwinkle blue.” It’s bursting with good vibes and looks stylish on everything – from cardigans to nail polish to shoes!


To help you get inspired and into this new hue, we rounded up the very best “Very Peri” items from our designer outlets and retailers that are sure to look fabulous on you!


  1. Floral Cardigan, Hollister – Cozy up in this comfy cardigan! Let the flower pattern transport you to warmer, spring days ahead.


  1. Hat, Forever 21 – Jazz up your outfit (or hide that day 3 hair) with a fabulous hat in the perfect periwinkle shade.


  1. Lip gloss, Beauty Brands – Step out of your comfort zone with blue lip gloss! Does it feel a little too bold? Don’t worry – this stunning shade is actually clear with subtle hints of blue and purple that appear once applied.


  1. Sports Bra and Biker Shorts, Forever 21 – Whether you’re lounging at home or sweating it out at the gym, this periwinkle workout set will make a great addition to your fitness favorites.


  1. Bag, Kate Spade – The chicest way to rock Very Peri is with a fun new shoulder bag! P.S. – Don’t let the small size fool you. This bag fits alllll the essentials (phone ✔️ wallet ✔️ keys ✔️snacks ✔️).


  1. Checkered Vans, Vans Outlet – Put some pep in your step with these lavender checkered Vans.


  1. Jacket, Forever 21 – Give your winter wardrobe a Very Peri upgrade with this fuzzy jacket!


  1. Nail Polish, Beauty Brands – OPI “nailed” the Very Peri trend with this periwinkle shimmer polish called “Show Us Your Tips!”


  1. Flare Pants, Forever 21 – Make a statement with these fabulous flares in the perfect purple hue and fun corduroy texture.


Get a jumpstart on the Very Peri pandemonium by filling up your wardrobe with all things periwinkle at Legends Outlets!



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